Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Time is breezing by with no intention of slowing down. I'm sure of it. I can't seem to catch up with it and it's freaking me out. Um, WHERE did October go? It was just here and in like 4 days, it will be gone. Is it really almost Christmas? Again? Already? I feel like I haven't even had time to enjoy October. Before I know it, it will be thanksgiving and then I'll blink my eyes and it will be Christmas. Maybe I should try to stop blinking?

Goodness gracious. They say it only goes faster as you grow older. Can that please be a lie? Because if it's going to go more quickly than this- I'm seriously freaked out.

This month marks a year that Ben and I have been back together. How crazy is that? And I can't believe it's already been a year since my family moved. This is crazy.

I feel like these next few weeks/months will be like oh hey, happyhalloweenthanksgivingmerrychristmashappynewyear.

Why is it that when you anticipate something for so long, it goes SO quickly when it finally gets here?

I hope the Holidays aren't like that this year. They were like that last year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Admittance to my social network addiction and attempt to "cool it", Alvarez and Fall things.

I haven't been very good at social networking, period to be honest with you. I have quite a few comments and messages to respond to and I'm lagging behind.

Tennessee was fabulous. So fabulous. We were disconnected from the world and it was glorious.

Sometimes, I wanna throw all of my techie things off of my balcony but then I know I'll be so sad and mad at myself. It's kinda sad how dependant I've become upon social networking. I'm starting to realize how engrossed I really am. Then again, it's a great way to keep in contact but when I look at my phone more than I do a person I'm having a conversation with, SOMETHING IS CLEARLY WRONG.

I'm trying to change this and not be so addicted to computers and my phone. Sheesh.

Last night Ben and I carved a Pumpkin.

He's a Panda Bear and we named him Alvarez. I love him.

A Five Guys opened in Pensacola today. 2.12 miles from my house. This is very good but also very bad.

The fair comes into town this week. Tomorrow to be exact.

I want to go to a corn maze.

I love candy corn.

I love this time of year. Fall is the BEST.

Hope you're all having a great fall thus far!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update with a recipe and a birthday boy!

It's been a while...

Cold weather has made it's debut. Fall is officially here. Life is busy and grand.

Ben's brithday is tomorrow! He'll be 24. So, I did what any good girlfriend would do and I baked him a cake and planned a surprise dinner with our friends for him. It turned out fabulous. I am so thankful.

I figured I would share the recipe for this delicious strawberry cake with chocolate covered strawberries because it is like NO OTHER. (It's my mom's recipe, by the way)

Strawberry cake mix (Preferrably the "Moist Supreme Pillsbury" brand)
Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Icing
Fresh Strawberries
White Chocolate Almond Bark
Milk Chocolate Almond Bark

1. Follow instructions on the back of cake mix. (3 eggs, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and 1 cup of water)

2. Pour into very well greased bundt pan and bake for approximately 37 min at 350 degrees.

3. While waiting for cake to bake, melt your chocolate and begin dipping the strawberries in both the white and milk chocolate. (This recipe only calls for 10 strawberries but I always make extra for everyone)

4. Place your cake on a plate/tray to cool.

5. Finish dipping your strawberries.

6. Once cake is cool, place cream cheese icing into microwave for approximately 30 seconds (or until melted) and pour over cake, evenly distributing.

7. Adorn cake with chocolate covered strawberries (5 white chocolate and 5 milk chocolate)

8. Enjoy!

Ben had no idea. We showed up to the restarurant and many of our friends were there waiting for us. It was wonderful and the cake was a hit!

Lighting it up- all 24 candles :)

The Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday, babe! So blessed to able to celebrate your life with you and I hope this is the best birthday yet!

We leave for Tennessee early in the morning to visit some of his family. Let the celebrations continue...