Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's sad when a blog you have followed for nearly a year suddenly falls off into the abyss of cyberspace. Everything that person had recorded just suddenly vanishes. In this situation it's really sad because she was a magnificient writer and had so much to offer through her pure, honest and genuine words. I will most definitely miss reading her posts.

It's kind of weird.

It's as though a death occurred in the blog world.

Unfortunately, she was really good at keeping her identity hidden so there is no other way of contacting her. So, farewell (you know who you are). We'll certainly miss your stories, wit, humor, eloquoent writing and sweet comments! I wish you all the best at whatever you endeavor and will be on the lookout for that book of yours ;)

Blogging is kind of silly if you think about it, yet very therapeutic and uplifting. I never imagined to encounter so many amazing people through this hobby. I guess it kind of took me by surprise. I do admire each and every one of my readers/fellow bloggers for their honesty and inspiration. I don't like losing contact but I suppose that is just the way life is. Though I may never meet any of you in person, know that you are all very special and dear to me.

Much love.

Tagged, yet again. :)

The lovely Morgan bestowed this tagging task upon me of which I am unruly grateful due to the mere fact that I was somewhat blank as to what I would write about today, friends. I stayed out a bit late last night (for a work night, that is) and managed to only get 4 measly hours of sleep. I'm seriously regretting it right now. I'm a bit groggy and feel as though my mind is not operating as intended. It's going to be a long day.

So without further adieu, I shall begin.


8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. This weekend
2. Going to the beach
3. My Vacation- I leave in one week!
4. Summertime
5. Payday
6. My cousin's wedding
7. The new work that God is going to do with my Family
8. Sleeping in this Saturday.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Took a shower
2. Worked
3. Went tanning (bad, I know =/)
4. Went to Publix
5. Ate dinner with the fam
6. Watched American idol
7. Went to Fish House for ladies night and danced the night away with my best friends! Stayed out a little too late for a work night though and I'm definitely feeling it today.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Go back to school for something I love.
2. Start a photography business.
3. Excel in my music and writing (something that has definitely taken the backburner lately)
4. Travel the entire world.
5. Open an orphanage.
6. Be a better person.
7. Make a difference.
8. Love unconditionally, genuinely, and without reserve.

8 Shows I Watch:

1. American Idol
2. Law and Order
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. I Love Lucy
5. Fox News
6. CSI
7. The City/The Hills
8. Criminal Minds

8 Favorite Fruits:

1. Pineapple
2. Strawberries
3. Cantaloupe
4. Kiwi
5. Oranges
6. Grapes
7. Grapefruit
8. Mango

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:

1. New Zealand
2. China
3. Anywhere in South America
4. India
5. Africa
6. France
7. Ireland
8. England/Wales

(I've been to Italy and Mexico. Otherwise, they'd be on the list!)

8 people I'm tagging:
1. Casey
2. Lindsey
3. Shanny
4. Shannon
5. Elizabeth
6. Heather
7. Amber
8. Victoria

Now, show me what you're made of ladies! ;)

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Update- This is how tired I am... I had to call our Fire Operations center for some assistance on a policy and when the automated machine came on for me to press 1, for Underwriting or 2, for Service. I literally pressed 2 on my computer keyboard.

Why am I telling you this? haha

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just another random blog.

I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet due to the fact that I have an endless amount of work to do today.

Downside- I have a headache thinking about it.
Upside- It will make the day go by much more quickly!

We're halfway through the week, friends!

-Got my hair did last night. I was not growing fond of my mud trail of roots by any means. Yes, my hair is naturally a dirty blonde/brown color. Nothing to admire, which is why I highlight it. Don't judge.

- Loved American Idol last night! They all did wonderful, in my opinion. Tonight is going to be tough but if I were to say, I think either Matt Giraurd or Allison Iraheta will be taking a hike. Sad to say because I like them both, especially Allison. So, I secretly hope she stays in the competition. I love Danny Gokey and thought he did a tremendous rendition of "Come Rain or Come Shine". No offense to all of you Adam Lambert fans out there but there is just something about him that I am not all that fond of. His vocals are phenominal, yes but I can't bring myself to "like" him. Sorry. I know it's a singing competition yadda yadda. Maybe it's the way he gasps for air after every sentence? Loved Kris Allen as well. He definitely has mad talent, as Randy puts it. What are your opinions?

- I'm contemplating jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing the 30 day shred. To those of you who have it- is it worth it? Do you see results? It seems as though it's a definite butt kicker but I think I need just that, to be honest with you. So share your thoughts with me, please!

- I'm eagerly anticipating next Friday. Why? Because I leave for ten days for vacation and I am STOKED out of my mind that I won't have to work for ten whole days and get paid for it. My job is amazing and my boss is ridiculously gracious when it comes to time off. I really have it made, in all honesty. Such a blessing. I'm gonna sleep in, stay up late, shop til I drop, eat whatever I want and have an immense amount of fun with people whom I love dearly!

- My little sister (17) is very, very ill. She has been sick for days now and does not seem to be getting better, so my parents finally decided to take her in to see a doctor. I'm not jumping to conclusions or anything but this whole swine flu epidemic has really got me on edge. Pray for her if you think about it.

Well, that is all I've got for today folks. I hope your week is going well and fast! Friday will be here before you know it!

Much Love!

Attempt failed- To keep this short and sweet, that is. I'm a definite rambler.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some pictures from the weekend.

Home sweet home.


Toes in the sand=gloriousness

Beach days are back!

Mallory and I beachin it!

The beautiful Beth and I downtown kickin' it, reggae style!

Weekend fun

Good Monday morning lovelies! I hope you all had a most wonderful weekend.

Mine was fabuloso!

I spent all day Saturday at the beach, alone for the first hour and a half which was completely fine by me and then my sister and our friend, Mallory joined me. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! We stayed out there until 5:00 and then came home to take showers and eat dinner. Dad grilled burgers and Mom made some good fixins' to accompany! After dinner we headed downtown for a Reggae fest that was taking place. The orginal Wailers from Bob Marley & the Wailers played and it was fantastic! I loved it. The mix of people in the crowd was a bit hilarious but made it even more fun. We had a good time singing along.

Sunday, we out to the Beach again to support the Gills as they played on the boardwalk at Bamboo Willies for an all day crawfish boil.

I hate crawfish and was mildly digusted at the array of people profusely sucking their heads...gross. They resemble cockroaches to me and that is just plain disgusting. Sorry to all of you crawfish fans out there. I just can't bring myself to even try one.

Last night, my sister and I went and ate some really delicious hot wings at WingStop for dinner and came home to watch a movie with the fam to which I fell asleep at around 8:00. I woke up at 10:00 and went straight to bed, so I got a really good amount of sleep after a long weekend. I was drained after being in the sun for so long but it was worth it for the nice tan I acquired. :)

So, it was a good weekend indeed. I'm totally loving this warm weather!

I also want to congratulate Leah-Maria and her husband, Tony on the birth of their new baby boy, Isaac Levi! So, congratulations you two!

Much love!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Needless to say, the CD release show was a HUGE success! I am so proud of these guys. They have worked so hard and they deserved nothing less than a packed out studio with a lot of screaming and dancing fans!

I know I might be biased because they happen to be some of my best friends but they really are amazingly talented and I assure you that their music is unique and won't disappoint. I will say though that seeing them live makes you like them even more as their stage performance is really great and they just have a ton of fun!

Their album is entitled "Forget What You See" and I believe it will be up on itunes soon. If you would be interested in purchasing a copy of the actual CD though, there should be a link on their Myspace soon, if not already. Or you can e-mail me and I can figure out a way to get you one.

Here are a few pictures I took.

This is my friend, Katie's baby, Lily Katherine. She is one month old today! Katie made this onesie for her to wear to the show...SO CUTE!

Before they took stage...

Jesse Wheeler, vocalist and rythm guitar
Matt Prince, drums

Allan Castleberry, Keys, Guitar, Synth

Andy Prince, Bass Guitar

Nathan Dilliha plays electric guitar but I wasn't able to get a good picture of him.

As you can see, the crowd was quite large.

And last but not least, the most lovely Beth Taylor and I. I love this girl to death, I tell you and she happens to have one of the best smiles I have ever seen!

It was a wonderful time, indeed. My friends are amazing and I am so proud of them!

I hope you all have a magnificient Friday and a wonderful weekend! xo

Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 things that are making me happy today.

1. Tonight is The Gills' Cd release show and I am SO excited for it! These guys have worked so hard and I have no doubt that the show will be a huge success. My mom is doing some catering per their request because her food is just THAT good. I am looking forward and 5:00 simply cannot get here quick enough.

2. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I can just see your smiles. :)

3. Last night I went swimming for the first time this year and it was wonderful! I love swimming. I used to be on a swim team. Betcha wouldn't have guessed that one, huh? Indeed, I was.

4. Tomorrow some friends of ours who are missionaries in Ukraine are coming to dinner. We haven't seen them in quite a few years.

5. I leave for my trip in exactly 2 weeks from today. I know I bring this up alot but I'm so ready for a vacation!

6. The weather today is just fabulous! Sunny and 75 degrees. Absolutely perfect.

7. I'm really in the mood for pineapple and/or canteloupe right now.

8. I'm going to the beach this weekend.

9. I have the most amazing friends in the world (bloggers/readers included).

10. I bought this dress and I love it.

Thats all dear friends! Have a beautiful day!

P.S. This may or may not be my amazing Mother. But you mustn't tell her I was the source of your finding because she would like to remain anon. My anon mom, I suppose. ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Live your song.

(This is something I wrote last year and recently found. I figured I'd share it.)

And then we were. Utterly and helplessly human in every aspect, stumbling through this journey as best we can and attempting to keep our heads held above the water. Many things encompassing us and bitterly entangling our emotions and actions in hopes that we collide with the cold truth per say. They watch from the sidelines observing every action we take and harkening to every word we utter. Our conduct becomes tainted and our lips betray us. Peering from the outside in, judging every intricate detail and forming preconceived notions about what is heard.

In moments passing we become mere instruments, whether or not the tune we play be pleasant or disheartening, we all perform a melody. Notes meagerly plucked, strummed and tapped with every swift move of our fingers. The sound of beauty is far, yet coming into existence. Each intonation depicts your soul and the depths of your spirit. Every lyric portrays your heart of hearts compelling hopes and dreams or reveals the truth of what is held captive inside. Feelings of hopelessness, distrust, fear, brokenness and sorrow elude us. From those moments it seems we orchestrate the most lovely harmonies to pursue each melody. For when in despair we become vulnerable and our true colors emit rays of light and reflect upon each and every situation we've undergone. From the depths, truth is derived and revealed. Little effort is required for it isn't something that is forced, but abounds from within and is not strenuous. Heartache and sorrow are marked by peace and comfort and compose a symphony impossible to imitate. Once heard, never forgotten and persists to play intensely and occasionally, vaguely. You're not the only one who hears; many have the capacity of apprehending the sound which extends to all.

In time you perform a composition incomparable to any sound ever created captivating the heart of He who enforced the situations to produce such graceful sounds leaving everlasting impressions upon all who hear. Each medley is altered by every modifying moment, though positive or negative. It sometimes masks what we may be dealing with, but it always reveals itself in time. Inspiring and guided by divine influence it alleviates the constraint of a circumstance and opens our eyes to expose the view from above or below.

Heights and depths maintain brilliance and if only we could learn to see with doves eyes, undistracted and steadily fixed upon what is of significance.

Live your song.

Wordful Wednesday ;)

Alas, I haven't been the best blogger lately, as in I haven't really posted anything worth reading lately.

My sincere apologies.

A lot has been going on in and outside of the office and I've just been super busy! My workload is widening, which is a GOOD thing. The more work I do, the better chance I have at keeping my job. So, work=job. I need my job. I can't afford to lose my job and I would just downright flip out if I were to lose it. A good workload also makes the day go by much quicker which is always a good thing. I'm trying to stay on top of things and do my absolute best at quoting and selling. So, if any of you Floridian's or Pensacolian's out there would like a FREE auto quote, then hit me up for one because I would be more than happy to oblige! ;)

Some new things are forming concerning my family and the future which I won't get into detail about just yet because some of it is still on the "hush hush". Just know that it is exciting. I have no doubt that God is in on it and my Dad has been fasting and praying for some time now regarding this. So, stay tuned and I will elaborate on all of this later on. Also, pray for us if you think about it! We know the direction we are headed but timing is a big thing. We shall see how it all unfolds.

I'm more than excited about my upcoming trip which is in 2 weeks! I can't tell you how good it will be to get away for a little bit. It's always good to get away, am I right? No work for a whole week, spending time with some of my favorite people whom I have missed immensely, going to Pittsburgh, shopping, Strawberry Festival, and just doing whatever will be so luxurious. I can't wait!

Are there any other allergy sufferers out there? I am for sure one and this spring season so far has been almost unbearable for me. I feel like all I do is sneeze and sniffle. It's become very frustrating to say the least. I used to suffer severely when I was younger and had to get 2 shots a week for them but as I got older thay calmed down a bit. Not this year! Any suggestions? I don't like taking meds that make me drowsy but that seems to be the only thing that helps me. I've heard local honey helps. Not sure if that's true. I suppose it's worth a try!

Alright, that's all I've got for today friends. I truly hope you're all having a fantastic week! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm here.

A few days out and I'm feeling SO behind! I have a lot of catch up reading to do.

This weekend was alright. Friday was spent alone and I was able to fit a nice long nap in, which was glorious indeed. I also went to the beach for a bit but it was ridiculously windy and the sand hitting my legs did not feel all that great. The surf was dangerous as well so getting in the water was definitely not an option.

I spent some time with two of my girlfriends this weekend and we had a lot of fun.

Sunday night was a bit crazy for various reasons. I won't get into detail here but let's just say that I did not get to sleep until 4:00 am and I was definitely feeling it yesterday morning. Yesterday was extremely busy at the office. My head was spinning all day and I felt like a zombie. I got home after work and crashed immediately and managed to get 12 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty dang good today!

This is a pretty boring post, sorry. I don't really have anything exciting to report as of now. It's been a crazy, hectic weekend and I'm feeling kind of uninspired at the moment. =/

I'm off to see what you all have been up to!

Much love!

Friday, April 17, 2009

All by myself.

I figured out how to make a header thanks to Heather! I'm pretty sure that this looks WAY better than it did before. What do you think?

So, I'm sitting home alone and will be for the entire weekend. I didn't end up going to Mississippi with my family. Long story short, I think I might be the most stubborn person I know. This is definitely one thing that I despise about myself. Ugh. It's more than just that though. Every family has their problems, right?

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll try to make the best of mine. It could be really good for me to be alone for a few days to collect myself and reflect on some things.

But right now I'm feeling really cr*ppy for not going with my family.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New look!

So, for quite some time now I have grown sick of my boring background. I finally sat down and made myself learn how to figure out this HTML stuff and set a new one. I'm not sure if I'll leave it like this but for now, it will do! I want a new header though and I haven't the slightest clue as to where I should start to make a personalized one. Any suggestions?

I may be MIA for a couple of days because I'm going on a little weekend getaway to Mississippi with my family to visit some friends of ours.

I'll do my best to update but just in case I don't, you'll know why. :)

Hope all you all have a splendid weekend!

Drive-In Movie and "Tea Parties"

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday about my first Drive-In movie experience. Yes, I went to a Drive-In movie!

University of West Florida hosted a Drive-In movie on Tuesday night and a good friend of mine, Annie invited a bunch of us to go. They showed Grease and believe it or not but that was actually my first time seeing that movie. Not even kidding. I know, ridiculous. I LOVED IT! It's definitely on my top favorite movies list now, no doubt. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are such heartthrobs! (Well, back in the 70's at least!). I'm definitely buying the movie and soundtrack.

I loved the fact that my first time seeing Grease was at a Drive-In movie. It couldn't have been more perfect. Plus, to top it off, it was free and there was free food! Double plus. There were about 10 of us all together that went. So much fun. I wish Drive-In movies were still as common as they used to be.

I was unable to attend a Tea Party yesterday, unfortunately. My family did though and my Dad got to speak to a crowd of about 400 people downtown! Pretty awesome. I would have loved to have participated. I watched the coverage all day and was pretty surprised at the amount of people across our country who showed up to their Tea Party. Some of the crowds were massive! I also enjoyed reading some of the signs and slogans people came up with such as...

"Don’t Tax Me Bro" -(Haha this one just made me laugh. So eloquoent, right?)

"Got Money? Don’t Let the Government Know"

"Help Me Mr. Obama, They Want Me To Work and Stuff!"

"Honest Change for America: The Constitution"

"How can You not Know Where the Billions of My Dollars Go? "

"If You Think Health Care is Expensive Now, Wait Until it’s Free"

"I’ll Pay For My House, You Pay For Yours"

"It’s not a stimulus bill, it’s a strangulation bill. "

"More Taxes = Less Jobs "

"Obama - Pelosi - Reid: The Axis of Taxes "

"Who Will be Left to Bailout the Government?"

"Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions?"

"No Public Money for Private Failure"

"How about a 90% Tax on Congressional Salaries?"

Alright, I'll leave it at that.

I think my favorite part about this whole idea is that it is entirely bi-partisan. You didn't see a bunch of crazy republicans or crazy democrats protesting this absurdity. No, it was a plethora of AMERICANS. Americans who are concerned and outraged over our economic conditions. Americans who work hard for their keep and are being penalized for it. Americans who have lost their jobs and earnings due to the condition of this failing ecomony that is on a downward spiral.

I am all for helping the unfortunate and lending a hand to the needy. I really am. I think it's important to practice giving with what we earn. However, I do not believe that someone should make that decision for you. I understand that taxes are necessary. The Bible even states "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's". We are in a scary place right now because the Government is taking advantage of their ability to garnish our wages to cover up their mistakes or to fund some ridiculous research. This is NOT right. The bigger the government gets, the more it reduces liberty.

And this bailout cr*p. What in the world? How is that going to mend this gaping problem? It's like putting a band-aid on a large open wound or throwing a brick on a house of cards.

I don't know. I mean I have mixed emotions about the health care issue because I don't want anyone to suffer but this seems to be causing many others to suffer. It just isn't working. Plus, we have first-handedly witnessed "socialized" healthcare when my grandfather was in a VA hospital and he was treated very, very poorly. He wasn't paying, therefore the quality of his care wasn't as essential as it might be if someone were paying. We all know that anything free isn't as valuable as something you had to work for and purchase.

What are your thoughts?

Did any of you get to participate in a "Tea Party" yesterday?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Heart.

I was going through some old pictures of my Missions Trip to Mexico last year and came across a few that touched my heart all over again. I am SO glad that I documented that whole experience on this blog because going back and reading it totally refreshed my heart and reminded me of what God did inside of me there. It was such a difficult trip physically, as it was exhausing, SUPER hot and I experienced some mild sickness but in the end it turned out being one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. I was able to get a glimpse of God's heart as I reached out and embraced children who were victims of the most horrendous poverty. Their contagious little smiles and innocent love changed my world.

We journeyed to a poor village very far up in the Mountains where there is hardly any civilization. No shoes on little feet, box homes with large openings, people living under trees, no running water, no sanitation whatsoever and absolutely no form of entertainment or luxuries that we're afforded every single day. It was definitely foreign. Something I had seen on television before but never something I experienced up close and personal. It was hard to adapt and at first, I was leary of the whole idea but once I was confronted with those endless amount of adorable, lovable and precious children, I simply couldn't help but produce tears through my smile. It was so heart warming and it really opened my eyes to so much. I immediately fell in love with these children as they tackled me, reached out and took my hand and began to take me on a very interesting adventure through the moutains as we gathered more and more children to come and color with us. I've never in my life seen so many kids so completely elated about coloring a picture. They sat there and colored until every bit of the picture was filled in. They were so content with a piece of paper and a crayon. So grateful.

God spoke to me through these beautiful, big brown eyed and absolutely loveable children. He reminded me that He knows every single hair on their head and that He does in fact have a purpose and a destiny for them. I struggled to see this poverty first handedly and began to really question God. I couldn't understand why so many across the globe suffer in so many ways because of poverty and neglect and my heart was literally breaking from it. I just couldn't bear to look at these babies and know that many of them will never know any different. I just wanted to scoop them all up and bring them back home with me. God showed me His heart for them and His love for them. I imagine that if my heart breaks that much for just a small fraction of the population of people who live in these conditions or even worse, how much more does His heart break? It really put things in perspective and reminded me that we are called to these people, whether they are in our backyards or across the ocean. We are called to be a light unto them. Yet, in some strange way, they ended up being a light to me. It opened my eyes to see how my priorites were so out of wack. For the first time in my life, I got it.

I don't want to lose it.

This is my heart.

As ready as I was to come home after that trip a huge piece of my heart didn't want to leave and I believe it stayed there. I just had such a life changing experience. These young ones and their zest for life despite their circumstance completely captivated me. Their innocent trust and faith was a lesson in itself. They were so open to what we had to give and say. I have no doubt that many encountered Jesus. They were so hungry for love and attention and they were so in love with all of us. I never felt so loved by complete strangers.

There was one little girl in particular who latched onto me the first day we arrived. The moment I met her, she put her little hand into mine and didn't leave my side. It was so sweet.

Should you wish to read more about what happened on the trip and see pictures here are the links.

Mexico- Part 1
Mexico- Part 2
Mexico- Part 3

Time for change.

I just found a website that I am stoked about!

Basically, it's one of those websites that you set up an account for, put your weight and BMI in, your attained goal and then log your food intake and activities each day. Once you enter your weight and BMI they calculate a healthy amount of calories for you to consume each day in order to attain your goal. It seems pretty effective. Of course, this is only day one :)

I'm excited about doing it though. I've been REALLY down about my body lately. Like I've said before, I know I'm not "fat" but I used to be so in shape and healthy and I'm not anymore, at all! I just want my old body back and I'm at the point now where I'm getting desperate. So, I'm going to try this calorie count thing and get back to the gym for some hardcore kick your butt spin class and workout routines. I have to...I need to. I don't have the metabolism that I used to anymore :( I used to be able to eat anything and everything and not gain a pound. What I would give for that again! I never struggled with my weight and appearance until lately and it's not a good feeling. So, I'm going to do something about it rather than sit around and mope. I need to get off my butt and WORK IT! haha

No more late night runs to Whataburger for those beloved french fries with chicken gravy (sounds weird but it is SO good) and large Dr Pepper's for this girl!

Hold me to it! ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just out of curiosity.

I'm pretty certain that you're all aware of the nation-wide Tax Day Tea Party grassroots movement taking place this Wednesday, April 15.

I'm definitely an advocate for this but don't believe I will be able to participate due to work. =/

Do any of you plan on attending the "Tea Party" near you?

Just wondering.

You may or may not agree. I, however find it to be a bold statement that needs to be made!

I look forward to seeing how Pensacola's will turn out.

If you're interested, click the link above that I provided and you can click on your state and view the different cities participating.

Easter Sunday, Rainy Monday

I hope you all had a most wonderful Easter!

Mine was fabulous! I went to church yesterday morning at Calvary Chapel where they actually met at the Pensacola Civic Center as they do every Easter Sunday. Phil Wickham did the worship and it was so good. I LOVE him. He's definitely one of my favorite worship leaders, no doubt. I saw him live last year when he played at Calvary Chapel and it is undeniable that he posseses a true worshipers heart. If you haven't heard him, I suggest visiting his website or downloading his music on itunes. I would have to say that Divine Romance and True Love are my favorite songs. They are all so good though, really. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

After church we went home and had an amazing dinner prepared by my mom aka the greatest cook EVER. Rachel Ray and Paula Dean ain't got nothing on her! She dominates. We had honey baked ham, fresh green beans sauteed in garlic and parmesean, cheesy potato caserole, pasta salad, deviled eggs, rolls and to top it off a delicious punch bowl cake and chocolate delight for dessert. It was glorious. Our grandparents and best friends joined us for a very enjoyable dinner and after we ate and got everything cleaned up, we crashed! I am a huge fan of Sunday afternoon naps. There is nothing better than eating a nice big lunch after church on Sunday and then taking a good long nap. So divine.

Today is extremely gloomy, rainy and stormy. Yuck. It has been pouring down rain for nearly two hours and the thunder and lightning is nothing to shake a stick at. I love this type of weather if I am able to stay at home in my pj's but not on days that I have to work. Hmmmph.

April showers do bring May flowers though, don't they?

Well, I hope that you all had a tremendous Easter and had time to reflect upon the true meaning of this holiday we celebrate every year. Jesus isn't hanging on a tree, He isn't in the tomb and he's not staying in Heaven forever. One day He will return for His bride (us). Thanks to Him, we have hope for the future and for all of eternity.

Well, it's back to work for me.

Much Love!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday.

Thank you for the cross, Lord
Thank you for the price You paid
Bearing all my sin and shame
In love You came
And gave amazing grace

Thank you for this love, Lord
Thank you for the nail pierced hands
Washed me in Your cleansing flow
Now all I know
Your forgiveness and embrace

Worthy is the Lamb
Seated on the throne
Crown You now with many crowns
You reign victorious
High and lifted up
Jesus Son of God
The Darling of Heaven crucified
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb


There are few documentations in History on crucifixions as detailed and descriptive as the crucifixion of Jesus. Obviously, this manner of death was gruesome to say the least and not one that was exalted. The worst of the worst were killed in this horrendous and disgraceful practice.

It is not primarily the physical death of Jesus that saves us. If that were all it took to save the world, then anyone could have died as did many sacrificed animals prior to the coming of the "Lamb that takes away the sin of the world" (John 1:29). It was the only spotless, pure and sinless Son of God that had to die and it was not just His physical death that occurred on the cross that day. It was the transaction between Jesus Christ and God the Father when the Sin of the world was placed upon Jesus and God turned His face away and Jesus was spiritually separated from the Father because of the weight of the sin of the world. During those hours of darkness, Jesus bore upon His sinless soul, the sin of the world. That separation from the Father was the price the Savior paid for the salvation of man. Then when Jesus was reconciled with the Father, He gave up His physical life. "And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, He said, "Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit".

Therefore the death of Jesus Christ was two-fold and that is something that is hard to wrap one's mind around. The death of Jesus Christ was the only way to reconcile a lost and spiritually dead world to God.

Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seeing in a different light.

I had the profound opportunity of having a very uplifting and inspirational heart to heart with a dear, dear friend last night. This morning I feel somewhat groggy due to the amount of sleep I am lacking because I did not get home until 2:15 am. However, it was worth every second. I absolutely love it when God purposefully puts precious people in your path that possess a most wonderful heart and soul. It amazes me. I love it. I love this friend of mine so much and though our friendship is still somewhat fresh , she is without a doubt an absolute God-send and so easy to talk and open up to. Very refreshing. I am so blessed. People like this undoubtedly enrich my life and impel me to be a better person. Friends like this are so few and far between and I deeply treasure these loved ones.

I have an ever increasing desire and yearning deep within me that I often compress and nullify subconsciously because of my insecurity and fear of rejection. I have always been the type to refrain. I seem to perpetually allow fear to consume me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was born and created for a purpose much greater than I can fathom but I feel as though I'm locked up and completely confused as to how I will begin attaining my goals and dreams. What are my goals and dreams? I know where my passions lie and I know that when I do certain things, I can feel God's pleasure. Lately, I have completely neglected my heart and passions and allowed them to lie dormant. It feels as though something died inside of me and I honestly thought I'd never get it back. I can feel that it is in the process of resurrecting again and it feels wonderful.

Good Friday is tomorrow. I don't think that it's a coincidence that I am beginning to feel this way as we are quickly approaching a very sacred and meaningful time of year. As we reflect upon the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ who came to a dismal world and in the most humble manner, gave of Himself, suffered in every way imaginable and ultimately died for us.

For us. For you. For me.

There is such a weightiness to this beautiful love story that completely captivates me every time I hear or read about it. There is no greater love than selfless love that gives of itself wholly and fully. I know that the crucifixion of Jesus is a very gory and difficult thing for many to accept and remember. However, it is the most precious and compelling love story that there ever was. We are bought with a very significant price and a vast love was poured out and demonstrated for us in the most unselfish manner. I really should remember this more often as it brings me to my knees, causes me to observe my heart, truly breaks me and brings me to a place of repentance where I encounter that oh so wonderful and endless grace and mercy.

Death is not the equivalent of defeat. There is hope in every hour of darkness, peace in every moment of confusion, rest for our weary souls and joy in our times of deep despair and in burdensome situations. Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly. Over, beyond and exceedingly. He died for us, gave Himself for us on a cross and rose again so that we could live eternally.

This earthly life is fleeting, mundane and temporary. We are so consumed with earthly possessions, fame and notability that we easily neglect that which is of utmost important. It is SO easy to become sidetracked. I am more than guilty of this. I know that there are times when I put myself, my wants and my desires far above others. I really wish to become a more selfless person. I know I say that a lot but it is something I strive for and I find it to be difficult. I realize that I am human and I know that I live in an imperfect world and will never be perfect. I'm just trying to find my way and do it in the absolute best manner that I can.

Easter is a very special time of year to me. It's symbolic of life coming from death. Spring is a beautiful and very refreshing time of year as beautiful flowers are blooming and the earth becomes green again after a season of death.

I hope that you all have an amazing Easter and realize the true reason why we observe these precious days. I have no problem with eggs and bunnies as long as we don't get sidetracked. Easter is ultimately about the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. May you be swept into His love in a deeper way this season.

Much love,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

These boots were made for walkin'

I love this color and I love this dress. Now I just need some brown cowboy boots, please. :)

Perhaps these?

Meanwhile, I'm lusting after these bad boys. RED cowboy boots. Ridiculous but adorable all at the same time. I really, really want me some red cowboy boots, ya'll!

I used to think dresses with cowboy boots were a bit ridiculous. I've grown quite fond of this concept and style and I now, I want some! ;)


First off, I am actually mildly embarrassed to even admit this to you all but I may or may not be loving Miley Cyrus' new song, "The Climb". Don't laugh at this either but I may or may not want to see "Hannah Montana, The Movie". Granted, I have only ever watched Hannah Montana maybe a handful of times, it is absolutely undeniable that this gal is most definitely an equivelent to the Mary-Kate and Ashley of my time. Never really been a big fan of ole' Billy Ray although his infamous "don't break my heart, my achey breaky heart" was actually the first secular song I remember knowing. (For those of you who don't know, I was raised in church and when I was young the only music we were allowed to listen to was Christian/Southern Gospel music). According to many, secular music was for heathens and I suppose at the tender age of 7, I became just that when I would sing my little heart out to this tune every time it came across a radio I happened to be near. I was baaaaad to the bone. I knew all the words and sang them proudly.

Lord, please bless my soul.

Now, I hate that song.

Secondly, as most of you know, I am a single gal and a very independent one at that. I really like my "me" time and having the freedom and luxury to go and do as I please, when I please. I often dream about finding the "right" one, falling madly in love, having that dream wedding and living happily ever after. Then, reality hits.

Yikes, that sounds so selfish.

What I really mean is, I know that sometimes being alone can be lonely and disheartening when most of your friends have a "significant other" but maybe I'm really not ready for such a huge commitment? In time, I'm sure this will change. I find myself really liking my current independence. I have a great job and the funds to put away money for the future as well as treat myself to some pleasures every now and then. Such as, my newly acquired camera and prized possession. I really like the feeling of working for my keep, paying my own bills (that really aren't too significant seeing as I still reside with my parents). I purchased my first car last year, a 2003 Ford Escape and she is still in mint condition. I always drove old hand-me-down cars that ended up causing me more problems than necessary. It drove me nuts. Now that I have a "nice" car that may not be nice to some, I treat her as though she is a Mercedes. I thank my parents for not going into debt and spoiling us with brand new cars (although, they would have loved nothing more) because I appreciate and take immaculate care of my car now. I take pride in my ability to be able to pay my own bills and save money. I feel like such an adult. Haha.

I suppose that when I meet that special someone, my views on all of this will change. Obviously, he hasn't entered my life yet because I really can't imagine living the rest of my life with anyone I currently know. Sad, but true.

I really hope that I don't sound like a selfish brat. I just like being independent.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The many forms of beauty.

Beauty is the untouchable, the unseen.

True beauty is defined by a flickering light within when all else is dim.

Beauty is the art of our magnificient creator. The way He paints the sky for us at sunrise and sunset every single day, the majestic mountains in all their glory towering overhead and the endless ocean shimmering in the sun and moonlight making waves for us to observe and enjoy.

I am an observer of life and vitality. I am so intrigued by our God's ability to create such a beautiful and vast world for us to reside in. His creation has the ability of completely taking my breath away. I can't tell you how many times I've strolled along our beach at sunset in absolute awe and wonder at the splendor of such a glorious body of endless water. I can't begin to tell you how captivated I am by the ocean. I feel closer to God in someway when I'm there.

Beauty is the ability to seek lovliness beneath calamity.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
-St. Expury

Beauty is constantly surrounding us, yet we so easily neglect and ignore it. There are many forms of beauty.

Inner beauty accentuates a person's character and makes them vibrant and attractive.

How we've redefined beauty in our age. It has become extremely commercialized. Magazines construct a very unrealistic picture of a woman who is smoothed over with computer editing and nipped by plastic surgery. We can't all be size two, thin as a pencil and wear clothes that cost half of our yearly salaries! We're all constantly comparing ourselves with someone; never quite measuring up.

Inner beauty is a concept used to describe the positive aspects of something that is not physically observable. Qualities including kindness, sensitivity, tenderness or compassion, creativity and intelligence have been said to be desirable. Look beneath your skin. A person is only beautiful, when their own beauty, is reflecting on to others.

Seek beauty within and the world will become more beautiful than you ever expected.

"Though we search the world over for the beautiful, we find it within or we find it not."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are beautiful.


I must admit that I've undoubtedly encountered a newfound love for this whole photography thing. As I am indeed an amateur, each image I manage to capture completely thrills me! I LOVE the shutter sound each shot makes and adore photographing loved ones and pretty things.

I've always loved pictures and been interested in photography but never had the funds to buy adequate equipment for quality photos. Until now, that is. Like I said before, I am camera and picture crazy. Thanks to me, my family has an immense amount of photos from nearly every vacation and endeavor because I always have a camera on me. I actually sometimes annoy them to no end with my constant picture taking.

I really don't have high expectations for this hobby that I so enjoy. I would absolutely love to take a basic photography course to familiarize myself with my camera and really understand and learn how to utilize it to it's full potential. I'm not so sure I could see myself becoming a professional but I really do just have a lot of fun with it and look forward to taking many more pictures and sharing them with you!

All of you seasoned photographers out there, please feel free to constructively criticize. I'm so new to all of this and any advice and critique is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and stay tuned!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Practice makes perfect.

I went a little picture happy this weekend with my new camera that I have absolutely fallen in love with. These first three are of my baby sister, Hannah. Well, she's not so much of a baby anymore as she just turned 17. Hard to believe. She's extremely photogenic and oh so beautiful. It's really easy to take good pictures of her.

She took this one of me.

Charlie the cat.

Spring has sprung!

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous!

My other sister, Ashton and my best friend, Meagan. How photogenic are they?! I mean really.
So beautiful.

The Gills played on Saturday night out at Orange Beach and this is one of my favorite shots I managed to get. It took me forever to get the shutter speed and light settings right! I still don't really know what I am doing. Haha.

There you have it! :)

I hope that you all had a splendid weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I bit the bullet.

For quite some time now I have contemplated making this purchase but for some reason could not bring myself to do so whenever I neared the opportunity. I am generally known and referred to as the girl who "always takes pictures" and also as the annoying girl who documents nearly everything by doing so. However, the very ones who nag me are very sure to e-mail me asking for certain photos. I can only humor this.

I've been following various photography blogs for some time now and their inspiration has only caused my desire to grow stronger. However, my Canon Powershot would only allow me to do so much and while I tried to take artsy photos and use my handy dandy editing tools, the camera itself really does make a significant difference.

With that said, I finally went out and purchased a most lovely Canon Rebel XSi. I had to let four people talk me into it as I was beginning to experience buyers remorse before I even made the purchase. I'm always extremely nervous about making large purchases and I tend to talk myself in and out of it numerous times.

I'm really glad I didn't talk myself out of it this time! It was love at first shot. The quality and crisp, clear images that this camera has the ability of producing is phenominal. I'm super excited to learn some techniques and eventually purchase some awesome lenses for her.

Thank you especially to Andrea for being a source of inspiration and for giving me such great info! If you don't already follow her blog, I suggest you begin. She is amazingly talented and such a sweet person.

Undoubtedly, I have a lot to learn but I'm very much looking forward to fueling this passion of mine and doing so with an amazing camera!

Here are some "practice" shots. I'm still getting used to everything and haven't quite figured out how to do much but I'll share what I did get.


Thursday, April 2, 2009



My eye doctor complied and agreed that there is indeed, a problem (DUH). There are "spots" all over my corneas. Whatever that means. It seems as though these little devil contact lenses were leaving particles of silicone in my eyes causing extreme burning, itching, light sensitivity and irritation. I'm guessing I have some sort of allergic reaction to the silicone hydrogel lenses. We're going to try some different brands of contacts until I find something I like, or my eyes like. Apparently, I have very picky eyeballs. Who knew?

I can see today and my eyes are not red and irritated. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to be normal.


It's been raining for a week straight now and I am so tired of it. The skies have been dark and gloomy for too long and I am desperately wanting to be reunited with the glorious sunshine!


Apparently, my Mom pulled a muscle or possibly broke something. She woke up this morning writhing in pain from her neck, shoulder and right arm. I feel so bad. My sister took her to a doctor and I'm waiting for an update regarding her condition. She's in a lot of pain and I hate that. I'm hoping it's nothing serious.

Ah, that's really all I've got for now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My eye!


Why must I put up with such terrible pain EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I put my contacts in or take them out? I can't deal with this anymore. It's so very frustrating. I am in constant eye pain. I was having problems a few weeks ago and went to the eye doctor to be informed that I had a corneal abrasion that was causing me an immense amount of pain and discomfort. Since then, I have been having problems. It should not hurt for me to put my contacts in and it should not hurt to remove them either. This is ridiculous.

My doctor recommended these lenses to me in October and said that they would be much more comfortable and give my cornea more room to breathe but I have not found this to be the case. AT ALL.

I looked up reviews on this particular lens and found 95% of them to be extremely negative. Comments were being made about wearers suffering permanent cornea damage from this lens! Of course, being the mega worry wart that I am, I immediately started to freak out and dialed my eye doctor and made an appointment to go in today and demand a different lens. I can't do this anymore and I refuse to wear this lens ever again. I even printed up numerous reviews to show him. Last time I told him I thought something might be wrong with the lens he looked at me as if I were crazy and stated very matter-of-factly that "these lenses were the best of the best". Yeah the freak right!

So, I really hope that this is the end of these terrible eye problems because it's getting to be too much. I have young eyes, I should be able to wear contacts comfortably! I hope he gets the message and if not, I suppose I'll have to find a new Doctor.

Thank you for listening to me vent.

Any other contact wearers out there who have tried Acuvue Oasys? I detest them! Don't try them!