Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Live your song.

(This is something I wrote last year and recently found. I figured I'd share it.)

And then we were. Utterly and helplessly human in every aspect, stumbling through this journey as best we can and attempting to keep our heads held above the water. Many things encompassing us and bitterly entangling our emotions and actions in hopes that we collide with the cold truth per say. They watch from the sidelines observing every action we take and harkening to every word we utter. Our conduct becomes tainted and our lips betray us. Peering from the outside in, judging every intricate detail and forming preconceived notions about what is heard.

In moments passing we become mere instruments, whether or not the tune we play be pleasant or disheartening, we all perform a melody. Notes meagerly plucked, strummed and tapped with every swift move of our fingers. The sound of beauty is far, yet coming into existence. Each intonation depicts your soul and the depths of your spirit. Every lyric portrays your heart of hearts compelling hopes and dreams or reveals the truth of what is held captive inside. Feelings of hopelessness, distrust, fear, brokenness and sorrow elude us. From those moments it seems we orchestrate the most lovely harmonies to pursue each melody. For when in despair we become vulnerable and our true colors emit rays of light and reflect upon each and every situation we've undergone. From the depths, truth is derived and revealed. Little effort is required for it isn't something that is forced, but abounds from within and is not strenuous. Heartache and sorrow are marked by peace and comfort and compose a symphony impossible to imitate. Once heard, never forgotten and persists to play intensely and occasionally, vaguely. You're not the only one who hears; many have the capacity of apprehending the sound which extends to all.

In time you perform a composition incomparable to any sound ever created captivating the heart of He who enforced the situations to produce such graceful sounds leaving everlasting impressions upon all who hear. Each medley is altered by every modifying moment, though positive or negative. It sometimes masks what we may be dealing with, but it always reveals itself in time. Inspiring and guided by divine influence it alleviates the constraint of a circumstance and opens our eyes to expose the view from above or below.

Heights and depths maintain brilliance and if only we could learn to see with doves eyes, undistracted and steadily fixed upon what is of significance.

Live your song.


RunTX said...

good post

Heather said...

wow!! you write beautifully!