Friday, April 17, 2009

All by myself.

I figured out how to make a header thanks to Heather! I'm pretty sure that this looks WAY better than it did before. What do you think?

So, I'm sitting home alone and will be for the entire weekend. I didn't end up going to Mississippi with my family. Long story short, I think I might be the most stubborn person I know. This is definitely one thing that I despise about myself. Ugh. It's more than just that though. Every family has their problems, right?

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll try to make the best of mine. It could be really good for me to be alone for a few days to collect myself and reflect on some things.

But right now I'm feeling really cr*ppy for not going with my family.


yours truly... said...

I'm sorry you are feeling crappy! :( Cheer up lady, we all have our moments, and we all learn from them too!

I LOVE your header! That picture on the right is absolutely gorgeous!!

Morgan said...

I know all about family problems so don't feel bad! I hope your weekend gets better!

BTW, LOVE the new header! Beautiful! :)

Vicki said...

I LOVE the new header! Cool that you did it by yourself!!

Try and enjoy your weekend. Sometimes it's good to be away from Family!

We have lots of family issues that I would like to run away from! I'm not sure how to best handle them, but with each day - I pray that God will show me how to deal!

Try not to be so hard on yourself! Remember things happen for a reason.
Love ya girlie!

Andrea said...

I love love love your header! Great job Amber!!

Heather said...

Yay I love it! Good job :) And yes every family has their problems. I'm sorry girl! Feel better!

Shanny said...

The new look is cute and your header is beatiful!!!
Sorry you are feeling crappy for not going but spending time with yourself is good too. Hope your reflections make you feel better =)

Anonymous said...

Can I have the secret to makins such a beautiful header? I'd love to make one like yours instead of my un-centered collage.

I hope you do not feel crappy for long.

Every family has it's struggels. (I think you've read about mine!)
Alone time is always great for reflection and a few good talks with the Man in charge ♥

Have a wonderful weekend!!

RunTX said...

Wow nice layout! Before you know it you can open your own website designing company! Hope you feel better! I usually rent movies and order pizza, when I stay back from a family trip.

Emmy said...

Love the new look and layout! I'm sorry you are feeling badly about the family stuff. I hope you have a great weekend regardless!

Anonymous said...

The website is AMAZING!! And there are so many options, I think I can re-do my header for years to come before I run out of ideas :)

Thank you tons for sharing. I hope you weekend is turning out great.

Elizabeth B said...

I LOVE your new blog!!! It's SO much more you. Very cool.
sorry you're feeling bad for not going w/ur family.. it might be good for u to be alone like u said, you can work things out better sometimes w/out everyone around you. At least you realize this about yourself, most ppl ignore it or don't care. I think that says a lot about u! :)

Lindsey said...

LOVE the new header!!!

RunTX said...

I tried to view the video post, but it doesn't come up.