Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seeing in a different light.

I had the profound opportunity of having a very uplifting and inspirational heart to heart with a dear, dear friend last night. This morning I feel somewhat groggy due to the amount of sleep I am lacking because I did not get home until 2:15 am. However, it was worth every second. I absolutely love it when God purposefully puts precious people in your path that possess a most wonderful heart and soul. It amazes me. I love it. I love this friend of mine so much and though our friendship is still somewhat fresh , she is without a doubt an absolute God-send and so easy to talk and open up to. Very refreshing. I am so blessed. People like this undoubtedly enrich my life and impel me to be a better person. Friends like this are so few and far between and I deeply treasure these loved ones.

I have an ever increasing desire and yearning deep within me that I often compress and nullify subconsciously because of my insecurity and fear of rejection. I have always been the type to refrain. I seem to perpetually allow fear to consume me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was born and created for a purpose much greater than I can fathom but I feel as though I'm locked up and completely confused as to how I will begin attaining my goals and dreams. What are my goals and dreams? I know where my passions lie and I know that when I do certain things, I can feel God's pleasure. Lately, I have completely neglected my heart and passions and allowed them to lie dormant. It feels as though something died inside of me and I honestly thought I'd never get it back. I can feel that it is in the process of resurrecting again and it feels wonderful.

Good Friday is tomorrow. I don't think that it's a coincidence that I am beginning to feel this way as we are quickly approaching a very sacred and meaningful time of year. As we reflect upon the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ who came to a dismal world and in the most humble manner, gave of Himself, suffered in every way imaginable and ultimately died for us.

For us. For you. For me.

There is such a weightiness to this beautiful love story that completely captivates me every time I hear or read about it. There is no greater love than selfless love that gives of itself wholly and fully. I know that the crucifixion of Jesus is a very gory and difficult thing for many to accept and remember. However, it is the most precious and compelling love story that there ever was. We are bought with a very significant price and a vast love was poured out and demonstrated for us in the most unselfish manner. I really should remember this more often as it brings me to my knees, causes me to observe my heart, truly breaks me and brings me to a place of repentance where I encounter that oh so wonderful and endless grace and mercy.

Death is not the equivalent of defeat. There is hope in every hour of darkness, peace in every moment of confusion, rest for our weary souls and joy in our times of deep despair and in burdensome situations. Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly. Over, beyond and exceedingly. He died for us, gave Himself for us on a cross and rose again so that we could live eternally.

This earthly life is fleeting, mundane and temporary. We are so consumed with earthly possessions, fame and notability that we easily neglect that which is of utmost important. It is SO easy to become sidetracked. I am more than guilty of this. I know that there are times when I put myself, my wants and my desires far above others. I really wish to become a more selfless person. I know I say that a lot but it is something I strive for and I find it to be difficult. I realize that I am human and I know that I live in an imperfect world and will never be perfect. I'm just trying to find my way and do it in the absolute best manner that I can.

Easter is a very special time of year to me. It's symbolic of life coming from death. Spring is a beautiful and very refreshing time of year as beautiful flowers are blooming and the earth becomes green again after a season of death.

I hope that you all have an amazing Easter and realize the true reason why we observe these precious days. I have no problem with eggs and bunnies as long as we don't get sidetracked. Easter is ultimately about the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. May you be swept into His love in a deeper way this season.

Much love,



Heather said...

Wait, you mean to tell me that Easter is not about chocolate Easter bunnies or the marshmellow peeps or the Easter basket I got in the mail? LOL...only kidding! Great post lady! Hope you have a 'Hoppy' Easter

Lindsey said...

Great post!!! You are an amazing writer, loved this!

RunTX said...

keep posting good posts like this one..this is what keeps me comming back...don't forget to visit mine every now and then and drop a line!

Andrea said...

Great post. Every word!

Have a great Easter, Amber :)

Shanny said...


Enjoy your Easter =)

Anonymous said...


Couldn't have been saved better.

Sarah said...

Utterly beautiful!

yours truly... said...

Oh wow, great post! Thanks for the sweet comment, I'm loving your blog! You are such a doll!!

alyssa said...

i bet you aren't lying dormant!! you are probably being hard on yourself & not giving yourself credit for the things you do. for one, you are an awesome witness in the blog world!!!!! and gorgeous!!