Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 things that are making me happy today.

1. Tonight is The Gills' Cd release show and I am SO excited for it! These guys have worked so hard and I have no doubt that the show will be a huge success. My mom is doing some catering per their request because her food is just THAT good. I am looking forward and 5:00 simply cannot get here quick enough.

2. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I can just see your smiles. :)

3. Last night I went swimming for the first time this year and it was wonderful! I love swimming. I used to be on a swim team. Betcha wouldn't have guessed that one, huh? Indeed, I was.

4. Tomorrow some friends of ours who are missionaries in Ukraine are coming to dinner. We haven't seen them in quite a few years.

5. I leave for my trip in exactly 2 weeks from today. I know I bring this up alot but I'm so ready for a vacation!

6. The weather today is just fabulous! Sunny and 75 degrees. Absolutely perfect.

7. I'm really in the mood for pineapple and/or canteloupe right now.

8. I'm going to the beach this weekend.

9. I have the most amazing friends in the world (bloggers/readers included).

10. I bought this dress and I love it.

Thats all dear friends! Have a beautiful day!

P.S. This may or may not be my amazing Mother. But you mustn't tell her I was the source of your finding because she would like to remain anon. My anon mom, I suppose. ;)


Shannon said...

ooo..LOVE this list! :) You are such a beautiful inspiration to me! And that dress? girl, it is fabulous! That color is gonna look so great on you! The weather is absolutely beautiful where I live too..isn't God so good?? Happy Thursday precious girl! :)

Heather said...

I'm going to have to borrow that dress! Thanks!
Yummm...cantalope is my favorite summer fruit!! So sweet and refreshing!
YAY for Vaca!!

Lindsey said...

I adore that dress and I am super jealous you are going to the beach this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Cool dress! Wish I had somewhere to wear a dress too!

alyssa said...

i wanna go to the beach!!!!!!

Shanny said...

Those are 10 things are happy-worthy! and yes I'm smiling at the thought of tomorrow being Friday, woohoo!

Have fun with your friends and enjoy the beach =)

RunTX said...

My family arrived today from Winterhaven! I'm so glad they are here.

Anonymous said...

Great list!! :)

Where'd you get the dress from?
Yay for friday .. I'm so ready. My family is having a crawfish party saturday, and I cannot wait to eat LOTS of them.