Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drive-In Movie and "Tea Parties"

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday about my first Drive-In movie experience. Yes, I went to a Drive-In movie!

University of West Florida hosted a Drive-In movie on Tuesday night and a good friend of mine, Annie invited a bunch of us to go. They showed Grease and believe it or not but that was actually my first time seeing that movie. Not even kidding. I know, ridiculous. I LOVED IT! It's definitely on my top favorite movies list now, no doubt. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are such heartthrobs! (Well, back in the 70's at least!). I'm definitely buying the movie and soundtrack.

I loved the fact that my first time seeing Grease was at a Drive-In movie. It couldn't have been more perfect. Plus, to top it off, it was free and there was free food! Double plus. There were about 10 of us all together that went. So much fun. I wish Drive-In movies were still as common as they used to be.

I was unable to attend a Tea Party yesterday, unfortunately. My family did though and my Dad got to speak to a crowd of about 400 people downtown! Pretty awesome. I would have loved to have participated. I watched the coverage all day and was pretty surprised at the amount of people across our country who showed up to their Tea Party. Some of the crowds were massive! I also enjoyed reading some of the signs and slogans people came up with such as...

"Don’t Tax Me Bro" -(Haha this one just made me laugh. So eloquoent, right?)

"Got Money? Don’t Let the Government Know"

"Help Me Mr. Obama, They Want Me To Work and Stuff!"

"Honest Change for America: The Constitution"

"How can You not Know Where the Billions of My Dollars Go? "

"If You Think Health Care is Expensive Now, Wait Until it’s Free"

"I’ll Pay For My House, You Pay For Yours"

"It’s not a stimulus bill, it’s a strangulation bill. "

"More Taxes = Less Jobs "

"Obama - Pelosi - Reid: The Axis of Taxes "

"Who Will be Left to Bailout the Government?"

"Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions?"

"No Public Money for Private Failure"

"How about a 90% Tax on Congressional Salaries?"

Alright, I'll leave it at that.

I think my favorite part about this whole idea is that it is entirely bi-partisan. You didn't see a bunch of crazy republicans or crazy democrats protesting this absurdity. No, it was a plethora of AMERICANS. Americans who are concerned and outraged over our economic conditions. Americans who work hard for their keep and are being penalized for it. Americans who have lost their jobs and earnings due to the condition of this failing ecomony that is on a downward spiral.

I am all for helping the unfortunate and lending a hand to the needy. I really am. I think it's important to practice giving with what we earn. However, I do not believe that someone should make that decision for you. I understand that taxes are necessary. The Bible even states "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's". We are in a scary place right now because the Government is taking advantage of their ability to garnish our wages to cover up their mistakes or to fund some ridiculous research. This is NOT right. The bigger the government gets, the more it reduces liberty.

And this bailout cr*p. What in the world? How is that going to mend this gaping problem? It's like putting a band-aid on a large open wound or throwing a brick on a house of cards.

I don't know. I mean I have mixed emotions about the health care issue because I don't want anyone to suffer but this seems to be causing many others to suffer. It just isn't working. Plus, we have first-handedly witnessed "socialized" healthcare when my grandfather was in a VA hospital and he was treated very, very poorly. He wasn't paying, therefore the quality of his care wasn't as essential as it might be if someone were paying. We all know that anything free isn't as valuable as something you had to work for and purchase.

What are your thoughts?

Did any of you get to participate in a "Tea Party" yesterday?


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! HOW FUN!! I've never been to a drive in movie but I have seen Greese. It's one of my favorites. The last scene is my favorite lol!
I didn't get to go to the Tea Party out here but watched the news!

Lindsey said...

I can't believe you have never seen Grease! YAYAYA!!! It is def one of my top 5 movies of all time!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this was the first time you've seen grease. It's my fav and I know every song :)

"No Public Money for Private Failure"

Love this one!

And I agree with you on the health care. I am worried about how terrible it will be when its free. Free things aren't nearly as great as things you had to work hard for, just as you said.

I didn't get to go to a tea party - i'm watching coverage now on FoxNews.

Shanny said...

I love Grease!!!
Can't believe it was your first time watching it, glad you enjoyed it though =)

Vicki said...

Ok - Last night - like i typed out this big long comment and the stupid computer would not post it!!! URGHHHH I'm so upset with our computer... I'm gonna find some money quick to replace it!!


I'm so glad that you got to enjoy the movie drive in style - that is perfect!!!
My kids love that movie - the love the part where JT is trying out for sports! they laugh and laugh!

As for tea parties.. no... I was sad not to get to go. I really wanted to.
But I did watch as much coverage as i could find. Checked the internet as well.

I am so excited for P'Cola for being on the news!!! Yes, even over here in Tucson!!!
How cool your Dad must be to speak in front of the peoples!!! YAY!!!
I am so proud of Florida!!!

God watches us all and knows what his plans are. We just have to make sure that we are right with him and our lives reflect that!

Keep posting!!! I love reading your thoughts!!!