Monday, July 28, 2008

Mexico- Part 2

The same night (after we did all of the childrens ministry at the base in Tanculin) we headed even further up the mountain to a village that even Chacko (the missionary) had not been to before. Upon arriving we encountered many children, some ran up to greet us while others hid and quietly observed from the sidelines. It was almost as if they had never seen white people before- which Chacko assured us some probably had not. Chacko had planned to show a christian kids film on a projector to the kids but quickly discovered that they had forgot the projector down at the camp. The children had already shown their anticipation and excitement that there was only one thing to do- go back down the mountain and get it. This made time for us to go into the village and invite more people to come- young and old. We walked the indecent mountain road and ventured into the village to begin to befriend and invite anyone and everyone. While we were waiting for them to return with the projector we were bombarded with lots and lots of kids and so we taught them some games and talked to them about Jesus and simply loved on them. They were so open. Many other people began coming and were watching from the sidelines- parents, children, teens and young adults. Finally Chacko arrived with the projector and set up for the movie. He showed a Max Lucado film in spanish and I don't think I've ever seen so many kids sit so still and quiet for a movie as these did. More and more people began trickling from the mountains down to this basketball court to watch and observe. After the movie we divided the kids into groups and each one of us took a group and we gave them gifts and candy- wow were they grateful. I had about 9 little girls and they sat in a circle and stared intently at me the whole time giggling and smiling. I spoke with them in spanish and began teaching them some english- they loved it! They kept pointing to different things and asking me how to say it in my language. I loved every second of it- the gleam in their little eyes was so sweet and it touched me deeply. Chacko told the kids before we departed that he would be back the next monday with buses to pick kids up for a special christian camp they are doing for kids in the mountains- it's amazing. I have so much respect for this ministry.

Here are some pictures from that night...

Heading further up the mountain- somewhat of a scary drive but beautiful!

Ashley and I in the village

Two little girls who walked with us to invite people to come

They wanted their picture taken :)

Meagan talking to the kids about Jesus

Sweet girls

They LOVED having their picture taken and seeing it on the digital camera- it made them laugh so hard!

She was an absolute doll

There were so many people- pictures do not do it justice

getting ready for the movie

These few girls were in my little group

Megan, Ashley and I with some more of the girls and their toys we gave them

After a very long, hot, tiring and fun filled day needless to say we were exhausted!! So, we got ready for bed and our sleep was not entirely sweet seeing that we had spotted two scorpions, spiders and the mosquitoes nestled up with us in our sleeping bags. Ah, lovely :)

This concludes the "mountain experience". It was the most difficult considering the humidity, heat, sleeplessness, and inability to take a shower but definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip! Two of the girls on the trip got dehydrated and nearly passed out from not drinking enough water thus we had to leave a little earlier than we expected. However it was a great experience and it definitely made me appreciate the many blessings that I take for granted.
I will write a part 3 later- I think if I put more in this blog it would be too long.
Thanks for reading!
Much love and many blessings!

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Andrea said...

Very cool. I'm loving your report.

It looks like you had a lot of children there. That was my experience in Mexico..the children were the most humble and excited to learn.

Some of us got sick too. We drank tons of water but the heat was simply unbearable. We got through it though and it looks as though you did too!