Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So, last night we had prayer and worship at the red door as we do every monday night. It was great, there were a lot more people there than usual. I really feel like God is doing something, ever since we had "Scream the Prayer" it seems like the atmosphere in the place has changed. It seems as though all the atheist kids are asking more questions and coming to more "christian" events. We had a kid get saved the other night, amazing. Apparently all of his band equipment was stolen, and so one of the bands as well as some of our staff just stopped what they were doing and began to pray and about 15 min later the police called and stated that they had caught the thief and got back all of his equipment! WOW, what a testimony of the power of prayer to these scene kids. In the middle of the show one of the bands called the kid up to share his testimony. It's funny cause all the unsaved kids advise their friends to come to us for prayer because "stuff happens" when we pray. I believe that God is revealing himself to these kids and they are really opening themselves up to it.

It's amazing how just a few months before all these kids were bashing our venue because we were "religious", that is until they gave up all their preconceived ideas, came and found that we were nothing close to being religious. We love them, we turn no one away and we simply love on them. I cannot emphasize to you anymore than I already have on this blog how powerful love is. I pray everyday that His love would eminate from me, would consume me and pour out of me. For my love is not even comparable to His, His love is greater and deeper. I desire pure love.

Jesus is speaking to me. I can see His hand working, I can see the fruit of our labor coming into fruition and I really believe that there is a great harvest of souls to come. God does not let anything go unnoticed. Every tear that has been poured out and every prayer that has been prayed has not fallen between the cracks. He is working, we must submit ourselves to His will, His purpose and we must be cloaked in His love.

Also, last night some dear friends and I were talking about desires, passions and worship. I was conveying to them my heart to one day be able to record some of the stuff I have written and also keep writing! Well, they are establishing a recording studio as a ministry and God has put it on their hearts to record music that is created for Him for free! So, they want to get with me and help me work on some of my stuff! Amazing how God works. Also, another band was at our house the other night and I was somewhat forced to sing and play piano and they said they were about to record a worship album and wanted me to be the female vocalist on the album...what?!?! I don't know if you've read my previous posts but I have been praying that God would open doors for me to be able to do this.

Ahhh, i just got chewed out again by a customer, lovely. Apparently it's my fault that she doesn't pay her bills on time and she's been cancelled. Oh yeah and she threatened to call her lawyer.

Haha, sometimes all I can do is laugh and then I cry :(

On the upside of today, I got my paycheck with a nice raise and a sweet bonus accompanying! It isn't all so bad. Thank you Lord!

Oh Jesus, help me through this day.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Wow that so amazing!
I just read a couple more haha
God is so incredible its awesome to hear what He has done in peoples lives! Im glad you write this stuff because its real encouraging. Sorry about the customer. Have a great day.