Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!

So it wasn't as great as I thought and expected it to be (loooong story). I actually slept most of the day and then I went downtown to see fireworks with friends! :) So yeah, not much to write but here are some pictures. They are supposedly the best in the Gulf Coast (?)..not so sure how true that statement us but whatever, they were good.

Meagan, Katie and I waiting for fireworks

We sat in traffic for an hour trying to get out...horrible

we got a little bored...i love kayla's face in the background...haha

Well, that's all! There was my magical 4th of July...haha

1 comment:

Elizabeth Banta said...

You guys are so funny lol..
You take really cool pics I must say!! :D I wish I was that talented..
Glad you had a great 4th!!

:) :)