Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I don't even know what to call this...any suggestions?

You hide so well behind your mask
You've memorized the dance
You've taken time to learn the song
Repeating every stance
You follow every harkening
Move each way they do
When something becomes a way for them
For you, it becomes too
You utter every word they say
And watch to see their actions
And when they fall and squirm and shake
You do the same for satisfaction
Yes, a feeling is something in which we all take pleasure
Goosebumps make us feel so good, we want it beyond measure
But what is it you're searching for?
What exactly are you seeking?
Is it the perfect will of God
Or simply warm and fuzzy feelings?
Are we asking Him what he He desires?
Are we being still so he can speak?
Or is all our shouting, raves and rants drowning out His voice so sweet?
I'm not one to judge your motives, your heart, or thoughts and ways
I'm just simply a believer who desires Jesus' fame
I do not want to simply seek what "I" can get, but what I can give to Him
For He's already paid the highest price for all of my horrendous sins
Now, I know that He delights to give His presence as a gift
But have we tainted our desires and ways by seeking ONLY this?
I see you in your platform, you know the word so well
But have we forgotten that pride is how we fell?
I do not wish to know YOUR ways or see how you encounter angels
I do not want to "learn" how YOU heal or what it is in which you're tangled
It seems as though we've dropped our guard
And lost sight of why we're here
Jesus commissioned us to spread His news and do all things through HIM
I believe in healing power and I believe it's done through Him
The second we begin to take the notice and the fame
His grace is lifted from us, we're too lofty to attain
Our ego and our selfish pride to be seen, known and praised
Takes away His desire to work through us
He knows when we do it in vain
He sees our every motive whether straightforward or ulterior
He knows why we do what we do and to what we are inferior
We can not mask ourselves from Him, our "Holy" stance does not fool Him
It's the humble that will steal His heart and in those he will delight
If I remember correctly the greatest of those that served
Were the people of the Bible who laid down their lives in love
It was David, a simple shepherd boy who one day became a king
but even in His power, He abused authority
God does not condone our acts of sin and our deisre for power
He takes it and He humbles us and knocks us from that tower
I am not one to judge a man, for I do not see His heart
But by fruit is how we judge a tree in which we judge each part
I am simply a withered human in need of divine grace
God is fashioning and molding me fit to run this race
I only ask one thing of Him, that His love would consume me more
For in love is where it all comes forth, that is the thing worth living for
We can pray, talk and preach all day
But their watching our actions and the things that we say
It's not a time to be sidetracked or obsessed with "super" powers
We need to be alert, on guard and realize the hour
I'm no critic or naysayer
I'm not pointing fingers or placing blame
I'm not even mad or angry
I just don't like when you blaspeheme my sweet Savior's name
May His heart become our longing
And His love become our way
May we pray to be made more like Him
Every single day
We all will stumble greatly
Through this life we'll often fall
We will hurt His heart and let Him down
We will never measure up to all
Only humble hearts and repentant ones
Will he look upon with pleasure
For in those simple-hearted childlike ones
He will pour out His heart beyond measure

Amber D. Collins


Mitzy said...

how about.." A reflection of who we are"?

That was a BEAUTIFL poem!!!!!
Very true and powerful! :-)

Sarah said...

Amber, this is beautiful. I would simply entitle it "reflections." I can't write poetry to save my life, and I greatly respect those who can. Thanks for sharing it.

And thanks for reading my blog! It's nice to know that someone does! =)