Friday, July 11, 2008

Faithful- A poem by Me

This is my second post today. It is so slow here at the office and I was inspired to write (imagine that? :) So, I wrote a poem and maybe it's not just for me. Perhaps it could very well speak to some soul out there who actually reads this blog. Read on if you please.

Amber D. Collins

From my heart, pours pure emotion
Feelings I can’t describe
Desire to give my love to you
My love, so undefined

Words cease to amount
Time appears to have discontinued
This moment so distinct and real
Has completely captured my sinew

Resiliance and determination
Have marked my soul so weak
In moments spent alone with you
You simply carry me

In tender grace and mercy
You’ve bound up every wound
You’ve let each scar, tear and hurt
Be something you assume

Those moments I felt feeble
You took me by the hand
You lifted me above my grief
And with you I never was abandoned

I saw your steady faithfulness
And your heart to be with me
And still I thought I could let go
I was strong enough to be

So I ventured on life’s journey
My heart and soul ready to implore
I knew simply all I needed to know
For this travel I was to board

So alone I was and certain
That I had it all figured out
My little mind was determined
I had not an ounce of doubt

Then straightway came a storm so sudden
Its violence got the best of me
The intensity of its commotion
Quickly brought me to my knees

The cold truth of my own disdain
So tainted my view of Him
I really thought I could attain
The goals that I had envisioned

So when I fell that last hard time
I quickly understood
That all my selfishness and strife
Is what took me far from you

I soon then knew when I had fell
It was when I dropped your hand
It was when I thought I was wise enough
To do what “I” had planned

I forsook the direction you led me
And turned down a different path
I was certain I was ready
I could not foresee the aftermath

As I fell in utter brokenness
And sorrow unto thee
You returned once more so faithfully
As you lifted me from my knees

Your hand again I grasped
So much tighter did I cling
Because I knew the bitter grief
That my pride had given me


Elizabeth Banta said...

that was so beautiful !
I'm glad u posted it for everyone to read.
My husband writes worship songs and said that poem would be really pretty done to music, or just read w/music in the background.

u have a really great gift.. :) :)

Sergio said...

Nice poem. You are very talented. Christina

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. You are very talented. Christina on Sergios space!!

Jessica said...

Amber, you write BEAUTIFULLY! Seriously - your poetry and prose are wonderful to read. I'm so glad I found your blog!