Thursday, July 3, 2008

She did?

My sister got a tattoo. =\

I didn't believe she'd really do it. Chaos has been released within our home, oh joy!

One more hour to go and then I am on my weekend. Oh and sushi tonight, can't get much better than that ;)


Mitzy said...

Sisters.. They can do some of teh CRAAZIEST things!.. ;-)

Mitzy said...

My sister is Elizabeth Banta, So I cant really go into details about the Crazy things shes done...HAHAH..
Im just kidding.. I( love ya Beth) But seriuosly tho, we both ( her and I ) have done a couple crazy things..

but the tattoo thing, Yeah.. Its permanate alright!.. I thought about getting a small one when I was younger.. but now that Im 32, and a mom.. I can see that , It wouldnt be that cute now!..LOL