Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet another poem...

In the vastness of your creation
Is where I long to be
To breathe in and taste the beauty
Of your creation; all I see

Lying down under the velvety sky
Midnight blue and moon so bright
Stars illuminate and sparkle
Dance across the open night

And the ocean how it never ends
It goes far beyond my vision
The horizon I will never touch
The ocean waves that know their limits

Majestic mountains high and low
Rivers wide that run for miles
Perfect views of sunsets bronze
The way each view can captivate my eyes

The perfection of a new infant
The laughter of children young
The beauty of encountering romance
And one day uniting as one

How a moment can soon be a memory
A memory, a sweet or bitter past
How each day I encounter such beauty
May I take time to notice and not do things so fast

Take time to notice the small things
The rain and the scent that it brings
The vast summer sky and horizon
The crisp autumn leaves and trees

Each moment you spend with a dear friend
Or a day that you have with your mom
Make the moment of every small thing
For one day they will be gone

You can never change your yesterday
Only memories are what it holds it now
You can only determine tomorrow
And only you decide when and how

So, take time to notice the beauty
Of life, love and family
You won’t have it here forever
So let go of bitterness and seek peace

Revealed deep beneath
Inside your heart of hearts
Is the ability to love and see
Who God is and who you are

Amber Denae Collins

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Mitzy said...

Yet another absolutley beautiful poem!

Great Job!!!