Friday, August 1, 2008

To Buy or Not to Buy...hmmm

Not only is it Friday, but payday happens to fall on today as well and 5 of my friends from Tallahassee are coming in town tonight for the weekend! Needless to say, I am a happy girl :) I love Fridays (duh), I love friends and I can't lie, I love paydays too! =)

So, I'm kind of in a dilemma (well for me at least...maybe not, I dunno. I'll let you decide). My paycheck was graced with an unexpected and quite generous bonus which brought a smile to my face of course. I have been shopping around to buy a laptop (affordable but nice and not cheaply made). I found one at Best Buy for a decent price that I can afford, It's an HP Pavilion and it's actually on sale right now for $150 less than it's original price which is really great of course. I went and looked at it the other day and it's a very nice computer, just perfect in size, weight and storage for me. I mean I would absolutely love to buy a Macbook but c'mon who has $2,000 to spend on a computer? I can think of so much more I can do with that much money, even though I would not mind having one ;) They are very nice. However this laptop I'm looking at is like $1,400 less than the macbook!

So, here's the thing. If I buy the computer now (on sale because I think the sale ends on Sunday) then I would be left with probably just enough money to get by until my next paycheck unless I deplete my savings, which is probable but I'm still debating. I'm trying to think of it as "just" money- haha but I seriously do not know what to do!

The computer is here-

(P.S.- can anyone tell me how to make a clickable link? Everytime I try to do it, when I go to post it says it doesn't allow html...ok? So, yeah share your talents. Thanks)

So help a sista out. What is she to do or what would you do? :)

Muchas Gracias!

*Note- I am a very indecisive person and I greatly appreciate opinions...haha (in case you haven't noticed).


Andrea said...

I'm the same way when it comes to big purchases...I get somewhat hesitant and over analyze everything! LOL.

But as an outsider, it looks as though this purchase is realistic. It's a great deal for a good product [my husband and I have an complaints here]. And it's not like you are obsessing over the highest priced item out there [a mac]. I'd say if you are financially able and can get by until next payday, you should do it.

And it sounds as though your bonus could not have come at a better time :-D

AmberDenae said...

Thanks Andrea!!! That helped a lot, seriously...haha.

Hey, do you happen to know how to do the hyperlink thing? I see it in your posts. Everytime I try to do it, my attempts fail and I just get frustrated...haha.

Thanks again for your insight to my indecisiveness!

Sarah said...

Macbooks rock. And that's just the end of the story. =D

aMbErDeNaE said...

You should totally buy it! You are going to get one either way right? So why not buy it now, while you have this extra money, and while it is on sale! Save yourself the $200 dollars!