Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caylee Anthony

I have no idea what last night was all about but I am really praying that this is a valid lead.

Not sure if I should go into detail about what I saw last night but it is in relation to the Caylee Anthony case (not sure if your familiar with this case or not but it's about a little girl who has been missing for over a month now and she's from south Florida). The mother did not report her daughter missing until it had almost been a month since her disappearance. Apparently the mother left her with a babysitter who is non-exsistent and gave an address to an unoccupied apartment saying it was where she dropped Caylee off. Well now the mother (Casey Anthony) is in jail on $500,000 bond for obstruction of evidence, child neglect, lying to authorities, and failure to report a missing person. The grandparents of Caylee are doing all that they can to find their granddaughter and the police are actually treating it as if it were a homicide. It's all really crazy and you can read all about it online if you haven't already seen all the news coverage.

I'm not the type of person to assume anything but this little girl was identical to the pictures I have been seeing everywhere of Caylee Anthony. I'm not giving details yet until we find something out- could be a mishap and just a little girl who strikingly resembles little Caylee Anthony. I happened to have my laptop with me at the time we spotted this little girl and we looked up a picture and compared- it seriously freaked me out. Anyways, we should find out something soon. My mom and I called the police and they are investigating.

So, for those of you that pray- do so. Even if this is just an unfortunate incident and there is no relation to the case be in prayer for this little girl and her family.

You know, when I saw what I saw I kind of put it in the back of my mind and wasn't going to do anything because I just kept thinking- "oh it couldn't be" but then I realized that, that mindset is pretty scary. Some people don't wish to get involved in stuff like this, so they withhold when it could have in fact saved someones life. We had a dear friend who went missing this past December and they later found her remains- she was the victim of a brutal homicide. That was one of the most difficult things I have ever gone through in my life. I can't even explain it to you- you have no idea.

So, I kept thinking- what if someone saw Ms. Cheryl around the time of her disappearance but dismissed it and never did anything because they thought they could be wrong. So, even if it has nothing to do with the case then at least I can rest assured that I did call the authorities about it and I don't have to wonder and regret not doing anything.

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Andrea said...

Wow..that's pretty intense. I'm glad you called the cops. Better safe than sorry!

Let us know the outcome. I actually haven't heard about this story up here in Wisconsin.