Monday, August 25, 2008

My heart breaks...

Again, something I wrote some time ago. God allowed me to behold a situation that opened my eyes, completely broke my heart and changed my perspective and I wrote this soon after...

The impression of being and the characterization and value of a human being has been so efficiently tainted in perspective. Morals have gradually withered away leaving nothing but a dismal view completely devoid of all light. Emptiness and the sense and feeling of lonliness has so easily crept its way into minds, stressing the absence of significance and suggesting the lack of value and worth we ignore and deny. Immorality and deceit have so easily been accepted and received through the hearts and minds that have undergone the deprivation of value because of detrimental words that were impounded into their spirits, inflicting pain and a sense to withdraw. Or maybe something traumatizing occurred leaving them hopeless and feeling completely incapable of redemption and restoration. Behind those vacant eyes is a soul, a soul that so longs for acceptance and approval and desires to be loved for who they are. Searching for answers that seem impossible to convey, and longing for a sense of value as they sink into the abyss of emotional turmoil that the enemy so incessantly forces upon them, ever so gently whispering words of death and toying with their wounded hearts. It drives them to insanity leaving them in a completely helpless and defenseless state feeling unused, unsought and uncared for. The tears that stream from their eyes have an unbroken flow and display and possess a brokenness that goes beyond what we could ever imagine and they become inferior to all that is around them, holding back and cowering down for fear of being rejected and refused again. Words lose meaning and hope fails to maintain its eternal glow because darkness has been enveloped and accepted without protest or resentment. Belittled and effortless they lose all strength and any spark of optimism is instantly dwindled and decreased and leaves them in a specified condition of abandonment. Dreams are nonexistent and desires completely absent and betrayed shattering every bit of anticipation or expectation that ever lied dormant within their hearts. Confusion, bitterness, emotional anguish, and a broken heart leaves them in a state of helplessness as they surrender to and accept so easily the disgusting lies that are so confined within their minds that they begin to believe it with their hearts. Love is so harshly refused because it was never displayed, yet deep inside they desire it so much more than we could ever imagine. Their countenance undoubtedly exhibits their heart and shows the emptiness and void within them so longing to be occupied, yet so distant from truth.

We are sometimes so blind to what is around us, the people we come in contact with everyday that are so lost, empty and broken just waiting and longing for someone to show and display a love so pure and so real to them. I'm more guilty than anyone for letting my pride hold me back from giving someone hope and as objectionable as that may sound, we all know that its the truth. My heart breaks because I know that there really are people out there that we see and make contact with every single day that feel like this, and all they want is an unconditional loving hand to reach out to them and be real with them, offering a peace and a hope in the midst of their heartache and proclaiming truth and life into their weary souls and decieved spirits. This world is a dark place and the portals in which light is given way are closing more and more every day as we take comfort in our complacency. The Gospel is a gift that we have to give along with love, giving hope and bringing light and realization that we are sinners saved by grace through Jesus Christ! We have the answer, we have the love if Christ dwells within us and we have a bright hope to offer humanity; Jesus Christ.

Could it be that this childlike faith that we so often refer to actually exists?

"The Lord is close to those who are of a broken heart and saves such as are crushed with sorrow for sin and are humbly and thoroughly penitent."
-Psalm 34:18-

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life."
-Proverbs 13:12-

What now?

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