Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I wish I had that right now.

Money sucks.

The end.


Andrea said...

I'm with you!

$2,000 for your teeth?

AmberDenae said...

Yep, $2,000 for my teeth. Apparently I maxed out my insurance and now I have to pay 2,000 for the surgery....gahhhh. Money can be such a problem sometimes, ya know?

Danya said...

I'm with ya on that...I hate that money ties you down.

Mitzy said...

I hear ya sister!!

Im Still paying on the crown for my tooth!.. 500 bucks that insurance didnt pay, and I still need my wisdom teeth pulled!..

will your dentist work with you on payments?.. Mine is accepting 30 bucks a month..which is helping, because i still have medical bills from my last pregnancy!.. I dont even want to go there on that one!..LOL..
My hubby wont show me the bills from it, because he knows it will depress me!..