Monday, August 4, 2008

Okay seriously...

I do not understand how people can be so mean and contemptible. I seem to have a job that easily attracts people of this calibur. Don't get me wrong, we have our fair share of pleasant faces and wonderful personalities who come in frequently and whom I love to talk with. We also have those ones who the moment they walk in the door you know you're in for a scornful visit filled with complaints and expressions of severe dissatisfaction. Why? Oh because maybe their "quote" did not exactly match their new policy premium. Listen carefully- a "quote" is just what it is, a "quote". When you go to get an auto quote or any insurance quote for that matter know that all coverages are subject to the terms and conditions and they are subject to revision. I must say, it must be absolutely tragic that your rate quote was 4 dollars less than your actual premium, which is a whole .66 cents extra a month- yeah I'd say that, that is a very valid reason to chew me (the receptionist) out.

Today, I had just this type of visit and I must say, I was quite proud of myself because with each hateful comment and sigh, I simply smiled and spoke sweeter accomodating to their needs and answering each question they had with sheer kindness. You know what they say, "Kill em with kindness". Usually that seems to change the way the person speaks to me and they calm down a bit and realize how irrational they are being. However, this woman did not- I'm pretty sure her, and her daughter just hated the world and were out to ruin everyone's day they came in contact with. So sweet of them. I tried not to let it get to me or take it too personal but I can't help but take things like that personally. I don't like it when people talk down to me or criticize me for something I had absolutely nothing to do with. I just sat there and developed this lump in the back of my throat and was afraid to say another word for fear of what they would attack me with next- geez.

Take it from me- be nice to your insurance office receptionist. I know that sometimes things happen and it sucks, but she's just there to answer the phones, take your payments and assist you with your accounts, take claims (which I do not like) talk to you about your day, and maybe do car transfers every once in a while and chances are she's still in training to be able to quote and sell insurance (like me) and she just wants people to be nice to her when they come in.


Andrea said...

I know the feeling. I used to work for a company that dealt with clients and insurance companies. Everyday I would be on the phone with mean people and it would take every ounce of my energy to be nice and not hang up on them. Some people didn't care that they were being unreasonable.

Like you said..kill em with kindness. And just be glad you're not them. That's what I kept telling myself.

aMbErDeNaE said...

haha! I work at a law office! I totally know what you are talking about!:)