Thursday, August 14, 2008

She fell in love...

This is something I wrote a long time ago and I thought I'd post it on here.

She fell in love...

Her care freeness; simply stunning

Her trust; completely assured

Her abandonment; totally surrendered

Her countenance; truly entrancing

Her passion; valiant and beautiful

Her pursuit; captivating and enchanting as she delves in and seeks the heart of the one whom so captured her by irresistible appeal

Her purity; innocent and sweet, free from harshness and characterized by integrity

Her love; unconditional and so freely given

Her peace; graceful and delicate

Her heart; tender and compassionate yet grieved and broken at the condition of this dismal world

Her spirit; joyous and very much alive as it compels attraction

Her identity; in her Savior

Her outlook; through the eyes of her Savior and aware yet oblivious and untainted by the darkness and despair of this world

Her eyes; contain life and display genuine affection

Her smile; could melt anyone's heart and captures your attention with just one glance

Her beauty; breathtaking and abounds from the inside out

Her voice; soothing and gentle

Her actions; delightful and diligent, yet seeks no approval and are displayed with humility

Her words; caring and uplifting, always encouraging and full of vitality

Her faith; childlike in every aspect and marked by innocence

Her dreams; beyond all understanding and has no limits and are highly attainable through her eyes as she is fully dependant on the one who inspired them

Her hopes; desired with expectation of obtainment

Her desire; to live a life of genuine worship never holding back and to see the lost redeemed, delivered and saved into the kingdom rescued from the darkness that sin so continually produces.

Her aim; to reach a lost people with the uncompromised Gospel and Love of Christ

Her life; a perfect harmony and melody played so beautifully and proficiently lacking nothing less than pure contentment as she walks in complete abandonment unto her King never being satisfied with the cares this world so persistently offers because her eyes are set on He and He alone.

I believe that this is a girl who has been locked away and steadily hiding for far too long. One that is so discreetly holding all secrets and desires inside of her, locked away within her heart of hearts and holding back these beautiful traits that lie dormant inside of her. I believe that there is a place inside each and every woman that so desires these characteristics, and they are attainable if only we allow Jesus to be the one we fall in love with, the one who so captures our attention and longs for our focus to be on Him as He allures us and speaks ever so tenderly to our hearts! I aspire and seek to attain these beautiful traits.

I fell in love all over again.

"You have ravished my heart, my treasure, my bride. I am overcome by one glance of your eyes." -Song of Solomon 4:9

My heart is faint with love for you.

Below are lyrics to a beautiful a song by Jessie Goodman (formerly Rogers) entitled "Untame my Heart"

Untame my heart
Cause me to run wild and free
In the love you have for me
Open my eyes
Let me look upon your beauty
As if it was the first time
I'd seen it
Let me see you again
Let me love you like I used to

Renew my mind
To the way it was before, Oh my Lord
I wanna think about you all the time
Capture my gaze
Be my only love and my true passion
If only I can ask you this one thing
Let me worship you forever
Let me dwell with you all of my days

And Dance with me again
Let the angels tell each other
Heaven's playing our song
And wrap me in your arms
Sweep me off my feet into your presence
Ravished by you, Ravished by you

Unveil my face
Offer your hands to me, my bridegroom
Take me back to your place
Cause one thing I ask and one thing I seek
Is to dwell in your house
Forever and a day

So dance with me again
Let the angels tell each other
Heaven's playing our song
Wrap me in your arms
Sweep me off my feet into your presence
Ravished by you, Ravished by you

*Again, the words are amazing but there's nothing like it being accompanied by music so listen to it on her myspace if you want to hear it. I guess type in the search engine "Jessie Goodman" or "Jessie Rogers" under "music".

Have a wonderful day!


mrs.leah.maria said...

Not only poetic, but something to strive for.

It reminds me of my list that I wrote detailing what characteristics I wanted to have and those that my future spouse MUST have. I wrote it when I was 14 . . . it made me cry a few times when it periodically resurfaced through out the years, especially when I was in relationships I knew I shouldn't be. But in the end they were tears of joy, realizing how faithful God is, when comparing my list to the man he blessed me with. :)

AmberDenae said...

Yes, it is something I strive for.

That is so amazing to hear and encouraging. I have yet to find my husband and I haven't been in a relationship for almost 3 years now. I've only ever dated one person and like you said "you cried when your list would resurface when you were in relationships you shouldn't be" is exactly how I felt. I knew that he wasn't the one I was meant to marry, so it was kind of a waste but I learned a lot through all of it.

I kind of put this pressure on myself by always vowing to only ever enter into a relationship with someone for marriage- so I kind of felt stuck because I disappointed myself and I felt like I HAD to marry him because I simply dated him. Crazy, I know but that's just how I was.

God put this on my heart during that time and reminded me that He is the restorer and that He is the true and first love of my life.

I can easily get a little disappointed that I am still single and pretty much ALL of my friends are either in relationships, married or are already having kids! I kind of feel left behind a bit. But then i remember that I'm still young ;) and God has ordained the day that I do meet my soulmate and that I need to be patient and simply surrender to Him. :)

Thanks Leah!


Mitzy said...

so beautiful!!

You need to make a book of your poems for me!!..:-).. they are so beautiful and inspiring!!..

Elizabeth said...

I would really really love the guitar chords to this beautiful song bye Jessie Rogers - UNTAME MY HEART -
Can anyone help me?