Friday, August 29, 2008

Have you ever been asked out in a myspace message?!

By someone you don't know?!? Haha, my life is interesting. Apparently this guy just didn't have enough smart pills that morning and decided to look up some random girl and ask her out on a date via a myspace message. As if that isn't odd enough. THEN, he sends me another message saying "I'm sorry but my boss' kids were on my myspace and they sent you that previous message, but hey if you'd like to go out I'm cool with that." "Riiiiiiiiiight homeboy! I'm sure that, that is EXACTLY how it happened." I just had to laugh at that one, seemed appropriate. I didn't even reply- I imagine he's not feeling too much like Mr. Cool today. I don't go out with people I've never met, especially people who look me up on flippin myspace and say, "Oh, she's kinda cute- I'll try asking her". No sir, not me but good luck with your attempt to hook up with myspace girls!

I am so excited about this three day weekend ahead. Whoever thought of Labor day, you're my best friend this week! I will be basking in the sun (hopefully these hurricanes will not ruin my plans!) and I plan on making a day trip to Destin on Sunday. Rememeber this blog? Apparently Martha, who is now residing in Destin for work purposes was hit by a car and hospitaized, she lost her job and really has no reason to stay in the states. Her parents bought her a plane ticket back to Ecuador from Pensacola and so she needs a ride from Destin to Pensacola. I was unaware of all of this until her friend called me on Wednesday and explained everything. He said she felt bad for asking me for such a favor...sweet girl. I, of course agreed to come and get her. I imagine that if I were in another country, got hit by a car, lost my job, had hardly a friend and couldn't communicate efficiently I would be desperate to go back home as well! So, I am going to go and pick her up so she can go back home to her country and family.

I'm hoping that these hurricanes do not come near us, however I do not wish to pray doom upon poor Louisiana- they've had their fair share. I fear that if they take another hard hit after Katrina- there very well may be nothing left of New Orleans. Sad because it is a neat city. It's not the cleanest but downtown and the French Quarter are definitely very lovely and cultural places. Maybe God could be trying to tell them something..."sin city" is their nickname. I am not supersticious or anything like that but I am a firm believer of judgement. God is a loving God and He is a gracious and merciful God, but He is also a God of judgement and he hates the worship of idols , adultury, debauchery, and any sin for that matter. You can read all through the Old Testament and read story after story of Him destroying the golden calf that the Israelites worshipped or sending fire to burn Sodom and Gomorrah for their sinfulness, or what about Noah and the ark? Are you familiar with that story? He didn't just send a flood for the fun of it, he did it because the world had become exceedingly sinful and Noah and his family were the only ones who had remained pure. I don't know about you, but I don't think that right now is a time to be playing games. Just sayin'

This was a really random blog. Hope you have a great and safe holiday weekend!!

Much Love,


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