Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend trip to Wakulla County/Tallahassee!

Meagan and I went to Wakulla county this weekend to visit our friends who came and saw us last weekend. I used to live there when i was little, so I've known all these girls since I was young but we've just recently reconnected when we went to Mexico last month and it's almost as if we just picked up where we left off. I had a blast and it was so fun to just be crazy! One of our friends whom I've known for like 14 years got married on Saturday! It was a beautiful wedding and it was great getting to see people whom I haven't seen in ages! The majority of them did not know who I was until I told them- "I'm Keith and Darla's oldest daughter" and then they would like flip out..haha. I guess I've changed a lot over the years. It was really nice to be around all of those people again. That place was such a huge part of our lives at one point and I still love it. It's a very country, wooded and totally southern county/town but I love it. Actually, the name of the town we used to live in is called "Sopchoppy". We drove by our old house and so many sights and things began to jog my memory. I loved living there when I was little, it's a town quite like Mayberry, perhaps maybe even smaller. Tallahassee is just 30 min away, so it's not too bad. Anyways, it was a great weekend spent with wonderful people and filled with tie dying, coffee, lots of laughing, puppies, wedding, dancing, driving around and singing loud, seafood, zuchini bread (which is amazing!), and friends! We had a blast! Here are some pictures...

Meagan, Ashley and I getting ready to tie dye

Their adorable puppies! I wanted to take one home with me!

This one cracks me up!

Getting ready to go to the wedding

Ashley and I

Meagan B, Megan R, Sandi, Meagan T, Sarah, Me and Ashley at the wedding reception

Meagan T, Ashley and I

Meagan B and I

Meagan T, Myself, Megan R, Leann and Ashley

Ashley and Sarah-Kate, the beautiful bride!

Meagan T and I

Haha, I love this picture!

This one too...

All of us in our sweet tie dye shirts. Fun times!


Elizabeth Banta said...

haha looks like you guys had a blast! You are so dang photogenic!! U always look great in all ur pictures.. =)
And I'm starting to have doubts that I have have the best mascara out there, your eyes always look awesome! You gotta tell me what u use.. Maybe I've been missing out all this time and never knew it! :P

Andrea said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! I love your pictures! Too cute.

Oh and that!! Beautiful. Too bad you live so far away..I'd borrow it for sure! :)