Friday, August 15, 2008


This morning at 5:30 when I woke up to take my prescription I was greeted with an awful migraine. Great, my jaw and tooth finally feels somewhat okay, but now my head is throbbing. I just have to laugh at how things work out sometimes- if it's not one thing, it's another. If you fix one problem, another arises. So, I took my antibiotic and crawled back into bed hoping to take major advantage of the extra hour of sleep I was allowed. I guess I was still under the influence of the hydrocodone and it just knocked me out! My mom came into my room at 9:00 am and lovingly notified me that I had overslept! I sprung up, jumped to my feet and started running around- I didn't even know what was going on...haha. Meagan spent the night last night and I think I frightened her. I HATE it when I oversleep, it's the worst feeling. I called my office and my office manager stated, "We figured you just overdosed on your meds"...haha. I'm glad they thought it was funny as opposed to being upset that I was in fact an hour late for work. Oh joy.

I'm so happy that it's friday. I feel exhausted today, it's taking everything in me to keep my heavy eyelids open. I just wanna go home and sleep all day long.


Elizabeth Banta said...

I hate over sleeping for work too!! (when I had a full time job!) It's the worst feeling ever. You're so brave for getting your wisdom teeth taken out. I have 3 impacted ones that I've needed to have removed since 04! I can't make myself do it! lol.. I had 3 seperate appointments for the surgery scheduled in '05 but I talked myself out of going each time! (isn't that awful??) *sigh*.. Everyone says "it's no big deal" so you gotta let me know how your experience was! =)

AmberDenae said...

Oh my goodness! Girl, that is crazy! I am just like you- I get so scared before dental procedures and I freak out, but my pain has been so intense lately that I actually want to have them out. I know that they will put me to sleep, so that's good and then I hear that the recovery kind of sucks cause you have gaping holes in your mouth and can't eat- that will suck. I'll definitely let you know how it goes!

I just want it to be over with! Do yours cause pain? Good Lord, mine do!

Mitzy said...

Thank goodness you have a great Boss!!

At least you will have the weekend to rest up more!

Hope you feel better really soon!!!!

Jessica said...

Oh, man.....I hope your day got better. Oversleeping, to me, is the WORST way to start a day. I'm so discombobulated all day.

I hope you can heal and get some rest this weekend!

Elizabeth Banta said...

No my wisdom teeth haven't caused me any pain! (Thank GOD!) but I did notice one of my bottom teeth has shifted ever so slightly!! I have very straight teeth so this was stressful to see! haha.. So, if nothing else I will end up getting my 3 impacted teeth removed sometime for that reason. I used to say; "Hey, maybe the rapture will happen before I need to get them taken out!?" lol.. :P

mrs.leah.maria said...

I hope you were able to sleep all day like you wanted!

I haaaate migraines.