Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet sister and cat :)

(Not the best quality cause it was taken with my webcam.)

This is Charlie (cat) and Ashton (sister).

Gustav is coming, we're not in the projected path but we'll most definitely get storm surge. I feel so bad for New Orleans. I went there and did some relief work after Hurricane Katrina came through and ripped them to shreds. That place STILL had SO much damage from Katrina 3 years later! I can't imagine what this is going to be like. =/ I despise hurricanes. They've ruined so many lives. Blahh.

Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend! ;)



Miss Writer said...

Thank you for accepting my blog invite!!!


Jessica said...

I am so glad that you were out of Gustav's path. I was worried about you last week!

It's funny...I don't know you, but I do, sort of, so when I see "Pensacola" I think of you. =)