Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brilliante Weblog Premio Award!

The beautiful Andrea Weiss is the sweetest blogger ever! I was so shocked and completely surprised to be a Nominee of the "Brilliante Weblog Premio Award" in one of her most recent posts. How incredibly sweet her words are...

"A Glimpse into My Thoughts - I don't know how old she is but Amber is one of the strongest, most mature Christian girls I "know". Her posts are so inspiring and lift me up and I imagine spending time with her would be awesome. Not to mention that she's as beautiful outside as she is inside."

I feel unworthy of her words but I won't lie, they completely made my week! One of my love languages are "Words of Affirmation". I always say, "I can go a month on a good compliment." Even the smallest of things lift my spirits and inspire me to keep pressing on. It's good to know that people actually read what I write. When I first started this thing I kind of did it to vent and have something to do when the office is slow. Since then, I've met some really amazing people and had the profound opportunity to take a glimpse into other people's lives and hearts. It's been great and very inspiring! Thank you to everyone who reads and writes!

I guess it's my turn to nominate bloggers for the "Brilliante Weblog Premio Award". So here are my oh so wonderful choices! I encourage you to all add these blogs to your blogroll, you won't be disappointed, as they are all inspirational and fun reads!

You should definitely check out Andrea's blog...

In Her Shoes- Andrea is faithful to update and she has a great outlook on life and seems like a person I would have a blast hanging out with! Not to mention she has a very conservative outlook on life (which I love!) and I can tell that her husband, family and friends cherish her. She seems like the perfect wife and puppy mommy! Check out her photography as well, incredible! She's also beautiful, inside and out! So yeah, I don't know if I'm breaking the rules by choosing her as a nominee on my blog (because she chose me) but it's my blog and I do what I want! :) Thanks again Andrea! Your blog is awesome as well and I check it every day to see what else you're up to! You're an amazing writer and your life seems so full of love, life and fun! You and your husband are just about one of the hottest couples and your dog is adorable! You just seem like the perfect little family and I bet your kids will be models :)

Adjusting to the World- Jessica seems like a really sweet and down to earth person. She was actually the first person to ever comment on my blog and through hers I found a few really awesome blogs (including Andrea's). She is expecting a little miracle and her documentation has been so great to read as she lets us in on all the little details. Her writing most definitely displays her radiance and I have no doubt that she will be an amazing mom! I can tell that she's the type of person that I would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with.

Random Epiphanies- Allison is a fairly new blogger that I've recruited! She's been a near and dear friend for many, many years. I think we met when we were 11. I love her dearly and she is an inspiration in my life. She's loud and crazy at times but she has one of the best hearts of anyone I know and she is so much fun! She's only posted 3 times but she's going to get the ball rolling soon, right al? She has so much to share and offer and she is wise beyond her years. We've been through a lot together and I have watched her love for Jesus only intensify through everything. I am blessed by her friendship. She is leaving for California next week for Bible school and I could cry just thinking about it. California is just way too far from Florida! However, I know that she has big dreams and that God is going to use her far beyond her expectations. Add her blog to your blogroll! I love you Allison! You need to update though, my friend ;)

My Chains, His Stains...Only by His Grace- Danya Hutson is one of the most beautiful people I know. I love her pure heart and her sweet personality. I have yet to get to know her as well as I would like, but we're working on that :) She is an amazing writer, singer and leader. Her heart shines through her writing and her voice is anointed and most definitely a pleasing and beautiful sound to all who hear! She carries herself with grace and dignity and is a wonderful example to everyone around her, especially young women. I really love her heart and I am looking forward to spending more time with her. We seem to have a lot in common and our conversations are always uplifting! So, add Danya to your blog as well and check out her music myspace...DanyaHutson

Marital Bless- Leah Maria seems like a really amazing, energetic and incredibly sweet person. I love reading her posts. Her beauty is not only skin deep- her inner beauty seems to match her outer beauty. I imagine that she is going to make an incredible wedding coordinator as I can see it's something that she delights in! I love reading her posts day after day, she has a way with words and she's a great fence builder! :) haha

A Little Bit of This and That- Mitzy- a sweet, beautiful mom to three boys! I imagine she has enough patience for all of us by now! It's always fun to read of her adventures! She also leaves the sweetest comments and her posts often make me laugh! :)

Banta Revolution- Elizabeth seems like an all around fun-loving person! It seems as though she's as much of a starbucks addict as I am and I bet we'd get along really well! Her blog is full of life and she lets you in on the details. I love it! She's also beautiful!

Needless to say, all of these bloggers are beautiful people! =)

Now to those I nominated, put the logo on your blog and link to the person you received your award from. Nominate at least 4 other blogs and put links to those blogs on your site. Be sure to leave messages on the blogs you’ve nominated so they know about the award. Congrats to all!

Much love to you all!



Jessica said...

Aw! Thank you so much, Amber! That's so sweet! Isn't it great how we all start these blogs for different reasons and end up getting to know each other and being let into each other's worlds? I really believe God brought me to this hobby for a specific reason, and part of that is definitely to "meet" people like you who I would never have any way of meeting otherwise.

Thanks for the award! It means a lot to me! (And yeah.........if you're ever up around Augusta, let me know. We'll grab that cup of coffee. Decaf for me, though.) =)

Mitzy said...

Thank you for the award !!.. That just made my day!!!.. I dont know about having enough patience, Trust me I have a LOOONG way to go on that one.. But daily I have to put my Trust in God, that he will give it to me! :-)

Your posts always inspire me, and encourage me, which is something I NEED on a daily basis, raising these boys of mine! :-)


p.s I will get my Awards posted soon, once I get the kiddos in school I will have more time to think and write! :-)

Catherine said...

I love Andrea's blog...she is very deserving of the award...can't wait to check out the other blogs as well:)

Andrea said...

Aww..thanks, Amber, for the sweet words!

I agree with Jessica..I've met some great Christian girls through blogging. You all are an inspiration to me. I know that if our paths never cross in this life, we'll definitely be buddies up in heaven :)