Saturday, August 2, 2008

I did it, i splurged- and a video from our crazy night!

I went ready to buy the one that I had in mind all along and upon arriving a saleperson notified me that they were running a special on the HP a step above the one I was looking at and it was only 20 bucks more!!! I was so excited and of course took the offer and now I have a laptop and I love it!!! :) AND, I saved 350 dollars- amazing! Yay!

Thanks for your input everyone- it really helped!!

So, today should be fun! Friends are in town from Tally and we are going to go shopping at the Foley outlets.

Last night we went to my favorite little pizza place in P-cola- Ozones! It's the best pizza in the world- literally. Well, its like in this really old hospital- i know thats kind of weird but it's actually really cool. The rest of the hospital is abandoned except a few parts for restaurants and a little cafe- it's a small vintage like, little hole in the wall place. I love it. Anyways, going to the bathroom is quite a frightening walk down a big old hallway and the bathroom has this really big antique window with a red curtain- just perfect for taking pictures in front of. So, of course ashley, allison and I decide to do just that. They climbed up on the window sill and I stood up on a chair to get an oh so classy photo of them. Well upon doing so, something huge flies through the window out at me! We all start screaming profusely and loud, VERY loud. You'd think we were dying. I'm standing on the chair continuing my screaming fit and allison and ashley are screaming "Just take the picture, just take the picture!!!", I was completely frozen and still screaming, however I managed to snap a few shots as the bug persisted to fly and jump all around- it was a big grasshopper! So, I was very upset that we did not get this on camera therefore I decided to try and recapture the happening that just took place moments before and this is what we got, I'd say it was pretty close...


Elizabeth Banta said...

you guys are crazy!! It was JUST A BUG!!! lol..
I was expecting to see a Bat or something, but a widdle bug?? c'mon now ladies :P haha

WTG on the new laptop btw!!
Me loves HP. I bought one a few years ago before getting a Dell, but they are both awesome!! Plus you saved mucho $$$!! Good choice :)

shrever87 said...

Ber..i got a blogspot..and I have no idea how to use it!! time I come over you need to show me how to do stuff!! :) Also, I want this video..we crack me that was such a fun night..whoever elizabeth is needs to know that this was no little was a monstrosity!! The video does it no justice! haha