Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sick and sad...

I feel awful today- pain has a way of totally ruining your mood, day and any plans you might have had. It's so inconvenient.

I got to sleep in today- it was amazing! I love days I can stay in my pajamas and just "be".

I am so unbelievably sad today. One of my dearest friends is moving to California in two days and I could literally cry right now thinking about it- in fact I have had spurts of crying all day long. These years are so difficult. Everyone is growing up and is in their 20's now, all of my friends at least. Some are moving off to college, some are married, some are even having babies! It's so insane how much life is changing. I so have loved my teenage years, they were the best and they went by way too quickly! I have been so blessed with an amazing life and wonderful friends! I can't stand the thought of Allison moving all the way across the country and not being able to pick up the phone and say "meet me here, I need to talk" or her just showing up at my house whenever she wants to. It's going to be hard to see her go. I am excited for her though and I know that God is going to do amazing things in her life while she's there. I can't help but be a little selfish in wanting her to stay here. I wish we never had to grow up, growing up is mean sometimes. My friends mean the world to me...

I made a video/slideshow thing for Allison today of all of us throughout the years. It took me forever to make and I did it with much tears and laughter thinking back on all the memories each photograph contains. Check it out...

And now a flood of tears. This whole week is going to be so sad.

I hate it when friends move away.

Meagan Boren, if you're reading this- you are not going anywhere missy! I will chain you here if I have to...haha.


God's Girl said...

Awe... that's so hard! I've been through the same thing.

God will be faithful to bring you just what you need. Just cling to him!

All for Jesus,

Miss Writer said...

That is really really hard. I am in the process of missing my best friend too.

Hi. I'm Kelsey, a 15 year old in OH. I saw your blog, and my heart went out to you.

I am a Christian too. It's awesome to meet another Believer on Blogger.


Andrea said...

I know the feeling. After college, my best friend told me she was moving to another city for a job. Would you believe it was only 2 hours away and yet I cried like a baby!

She's back in town now and I couldn't be happier. Friends are essential :)

I'm sure once the move is complete, you'll miss her but will get used to the distance. You'll be surprised how "close" people feel today with the internet and phone!

shrever87 said...

I just cried..not kidding..I've only been gone 3 days and I miss you so much it hurts like crazy..I cant believe Im not coming back. It was so strange flying out of Pensacola realizing that it would months before I would see it again..I love you Ber and no matter how far away I am, I am also only a phone call away..I may not be able to come over, but I am always available to talk!