Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just for the record...

God is totally amazing and He rocks my world!!! Not only have I come across and developed some amazing relationships in the past couple of days, not only am I preparing to go to Mexico for a missions trip for next to nothing, not only is my heart burning to know Him more as He continues to speak to me. Yeah, maybe I did hit a mailbox last night and dent the back of my car (which sucks) but the good is far outweighing the bad. God is faithful!

Just now someone walked in the office, an older black man. He apparently works in congress somehow and he's working on something with my boss (?). Anyways, he came in praising the Lord and was just as joyful as anyone could be. I, of course smiled and laughed a little. I could tell he's a guy with a sense of humor and a devout follower and believer. He looked at me and immediately stated "Sister, I can tell you're a Christian!". I smiled even bigger as I shook my head and agreed. We had such a wonderful conversation about the Lord and about missions and our hearts for the nations. He is a minister and he does missions work as well. He began to tell me some of his testimony and we talked about missions, worship, God's faithfulness and how amazing He is! It was SO encouraging! I love little moments like that, they remind me of how good my God is. I love seeing and hearing how He is working in other people's lives. Lately I have felt my passion returning. It seems it has been dormant for some time but God is constantly reminding in such incredible and unique ways How faithful, good, holy and righteous He is!

So we had a wonderful and very encouraging conversation. He had just come back from a Hillsong United conference and we talked about that some. It was uplifting. We hugged and bid farewell as we exchanged information (I wanted my dad to connect with Him, they have like spirits). About 2 min after he walked out the door, he stormed back in and yelled "Sister, don't you say a word, don't say a word! The Lord prompted me to do this so receive it!" as he slipped money into my hand. Wow.


Andrea said...

Little postcards from God -- that's what I call them.

Elizabeth Banta said...

Wow!! That was a total God moment for sure :)
He is so awesome !!