Monday, July 7, 2008

Tough times

The next time I pull up to a chevron, bp or tom thumb do me a favor would ya and just knock me out with the pump before I completely drain my bank account AGAIN for GASOLINE!

Sorry hunny, your college savings fund has been depleted due to the severity of our economy, not only can we no longer afford to commute ourselves but we can't afford to eat either so look to Ramen as your near and dearest friend. Oh and also, not only can we not afford to drive our vehicle but we're paying about 600 dollars a month to insure something we can't even afford to operate!

Meanwhile the most wonderful polar bears and pigeons (who don't pay a penny for taxes) are snug as a bug in a rug in ANWR while there is millions of dollars worth of oil to supply our country instead of depending on our oh so loving friends in the middle east to take complete advantage of us and laugh their butts off in doing so.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? I wish the liberal activists would shut their mouths. I'm all for green and recycling but at every hard working americans expense? I'm sorry you may disagree but I think that HUMANS are just a tad bit more important than freaking polar bears! Yes, they're majestic but I still think we're more important. Ay, senor!

Ah, not meaning to come across as agitated or angry. I find humor in it, really that is until we fall into a great depression again. Money isn't everything but it sure as heck helps. I'm not rich, nor is my family. We barely get by these days and I've seen a lot of families in utter turmoil lately because of the fall that our economy has taken (or should i say rise).

Whatever the case, Obama 08! (VERY sarcastic voice)

I suppose we could all complain about something. Sadly, the economy is all I hear about anymore- at work, at home, at the gas pump, on tv, at the grocery store, at the gym and just everywhere! It's affecting us all and it's taking it's toll on all of us. However we remain blessed, those of us who have job security (hopefully=/), good families and friends. It's not the money that makes us rich, not at all but like i said, it sure does help to have enough to get by. Hopefully things get better in the near future and I'm not one to be such a pessimist but it doesn't look too promising.

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Mitzy said...

I couldnt have said it better!!!

Im all for the beauty of nature and all.. But seriously.. I think ist time we say Move on Polar bears..