Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pensacola sunset, best friend, and busy-ness!!

This is where I live! The view of pensacola bay at sunset, breathtaking! I love my home :)

And this is my best friend Meagan who just moved back from Louisiana! I am thrilled to have her home!

Life is good as of now :) I love lucy reruns and coffee complete my morning and tonight I'm going to see the Gills and Tommy and the Whale at the handlebar and I'm sure we'll dance til we can't move anymore! Ha. This week is going to be so busy and next weekend I'm going to Tallahassee with Allison and then the week after I'll be in mexico!!! Ahhh, it's getting so close! Sorry if I slack a little on the blogging =\ (as if a lot of people actually read this thing..haha). I will try my best to update when I can. Have a wonderful, lazy and fun sunday! Tomorrow is that awful dreaded monday so enjoy today! :)

much love!


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