Monday, July 7, 2008

You're 21 and you don't drink?!

Yes, I'm 21 and no I don't drink.

Do you think that by having a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other that you actually look cool? Not likely so. I don't understand what you people are getting at? Why is it "fun" to lose control of yourself and your instincts by intoxication? I'm sorry but when I see you behave the way that you do, and at your age, I am appalled and saddened. Ladies, where is your class? Guys, where is your respect? What is so fun about getting completely drunk out of your mind that you don't remember anything the next morning? I guess can't really relate because I've never experienced it but what I see is chaotic and hyperactive, passing out or being so intoxicated that you can hardly move and then when you wake up in the morning you have a horrendous migraine and hangover. Fun? I don't see the fun in that, sorry. That is why even though I am 21 and "of age" to drink socially and legally, I don't. I don't see the point in it, I don't see the fun in it and I sure as heck don't see a reason that I should. Now I'm not saying that drinking alcohol is a sin. If you can drink in moderation and hold your posture and poise then it's no problem but always too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I don't drink at all because I see the danger in it, I've witnessed tragic consequences and I would just rather avoid it altogether. Honestly the stuff does not even tempt me, not even a little bit.

The other night my mom, little sister and her best friend and I were almost hit head on by a drunk driver. Very scary.

I guess I can be kind of "straght laced" (is that what they call it?) and old fashioned when it comes to all this. I love hanging out, going out and having fun but getting hammered and not remembering who you slept with the night before does not sound the least bit appealing to me.

It's amazing the things some people will do and the extreme heights they will go to get a "feeling" only to feel like crap the next day.


Andrea said...

I definitley see what you're saying. I agree that getting wasted and putting your body through that is crazy and immature.

But I certainly enjoy wine with the hubby and even a beer or two out with friends. Alcohol has never been a temptation for me so I don't see it as something I need to completely avoid. Moderation works fine for me :-D

mrs.leah.maria said...

I love the M word and was very much like you at your age! Good stuff girl!

Sarah said...

I don't drink either. I'm half-past 23 and I've never willingly tasted alcohol. That's not to say that I never will, just that I have chosen to abstain from it for now. I completely agree with your summation of our culture and our peer group's wanton disregard for themselves and each other, simply for the sake of intoxication.

Elizabeth Banta said...

Amber, u know it's so true!
I can't see the point in getting toasted as well. I never smoke/drank either. It's sad to me too that some people actually 'require' it to have a good time or they'll use it to "mellow out" or for a quick shot of confidence.
When I hit 21 my co-workers were on a mission to see me get drunk!They wouldn't have it any other way. They brought bottles of stuff I didn't even know existed to work!!
They did everything but force me to down a glass of mixed (God knows what!?)
It actually angered all of them when I refused it! (This went on for nearly a week!!) I asked them "what's fun about altaring your mind to attempt to enjoy life 'more'?? Or puking up last night's liquids and hey, we'll do it again next week too!!" Nobody really had a great answer, infact a couple girls said they had WISHED they never started drinking and later apologized for trying so hard to get me to. (I appreciated that!!) I guess I enjoy being in my right mind too much :D Plus do u know how many ppl start out with just "a little" alcohol when they wanna relax or consider themselves a "social drinker" and all is well, until they go thru a death of a loved one, fired from their job, stressed out by the kids, or hey, their stylist messed up their hair color!!! So they end up getting wasted b/c they're used to turning to alcohol when they feel the slightest amount of distress in their life. -Seen it a hundred times w/my own family & some friends too :(
I just keep it outta my life, and hey I'm still havin' a blast!! :D :D