Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just for the record

This is my freaking 3rd post for today..can you say pathetic?!

I can't help it. It is soooo slow right now and I only have 30 min to go until I can leave and when I "blog" it makes the time go by quickly. I am all caught up on my stuff, tired of reading the news, don't feel like shopping on craigslist, so this is my last resort.

Today has been interesting. Can I just make it very clear that I absolutely despise claims! There were 3 different incidents today of customers with these crazy claims, not like ones you get every day. So, I was of course put on hold with the claims office for oh about 20 min or so EACH time I called. Meanwhile I have a somewhat testy customer waiting to hear what thay say and I'm playing the "middle man" because I am of course no claims adjustor or representative. I just make the claims and that's it! Ahhhh...haha. Can you feel my frustration?

Oh dear. I love my job, don't get me wrong. I guess these little incidents just teach me more things. I am kind of starting to get a hang of all this stuff, at least i think. I'll be honest though, I'm very proud of myself for being so gosh darn good at documenting! Haha, thank goodness because that is a MAJOR help in the longrun. I love working with people, even the meanies sometimes. I like to do something good for them and make them nice and apologetic (which has happened before, not always but some).

Alright I'll refrain from writing anymore, the phone is ringing. Once again, have a happy 4th of July!!! =)

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Anna McMahan said...

hah! I totally feel your pain. The day before a holiday there seems to always be some kind of crazy claim going on. You are so right about documenting though - it has saved my hiney so many times :) Enjoy your weeekend!!