Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm missing my family extra much this week. I've been SO emotional this week. Poor Ben sat and listened to me cry about it last night. He was so sweet and just listened and held me. I am so lucky to have such a caring and sweet person as my boyfriend.

I miss my mom's cooking, hanging out with my sisters, talking to my parents in person, my dad's silly songs and jokes. I just miss them all so much. It's so weird how "on my own" I actually am now. I do love being independant but I miss my loved ones being in my every day life so very much. I feel like I'm missing out on so much of their lives and vice versa.

Those of you who live far from your familes, how do you cope?

I know that as time goes on, it will get easier. It's just something that I'm having to get used to.

I have an incredible family and sometimes I forget how blessed I am. My parents have been happily married for 24 years and have given us a wonderful life. I grew up in a loving home with a solid foundation. I seriously could not be more blessed. I'm so thankful.

I'm hoping to make a trip up to Charlotte with Ben next month for my 23rd birthday. I seriously can't believe that I'm turning 23. Blows my mind. I hope to be with my favorite people for it. If not, this will be my first birthday ever being away from my family. I don't like that idea, at all.

On another note, my Dad's ministry website is up and running! I'm so excited for him and all that God is doing through he and my mom. So many exciting things are on the horizon for them and I couldn't be more thrilled for them. Check it out here.

Happy Thursday!


Jonathan Volk said...

Love you Amber!! :) You're amazing!

Shanny said...

Ooh Big hugs Amber darling!
I hope next month comes quickly so you can see them, in the mean time I'm glad you have Ben to help you trough :)

A Moms Perspective said...

Dear Amber,

Please come home! You can bring Ben and I'll make all your favorite foods and spoil you rotten! I love you <3

-Mommy <3

Crazy Shenanigans said...

The first time I ever moved away, I was 8 hours away. I called home a lot! I kept myself busy and I visited anytime I could. After awhile, with time things just started getting better. Hang in there.

OceanDreams said...

That's fantastic for your dad's ministry and I totally know how you feel about missing your family, I miss mine too, everyday. I want to say that it gets easier, it does, but the ache never goes away. Phone convos and making plans definitely help. Also a caring boyfriend too. Hang on sweet girl and here's a hug for you!

Mitzy said...

Hey Amber,
I know how ya sister ( Elizabeth), lives down there in Florida.. they have been there for 4 years now I think?.

They moved down when her oldest was a little over a year..
I Miss them ALOT!!.. somedays its really bad, especially around holidays, and birthdays, because of what we are all missing..

My brother is in Minnisota.. and even though him and I dont see eye to eye right now, I still miss him alot!!..

My husbands sister lives in Arkansas, her and I dont get along at all.. BUT we miss her kids very much, They were all really close to my boys.. and now we only get to see them 1 time a year..

Its not an easy thing, but things that help is talking on the phone alot, and maybe you coudl do skype with them?.. that way you can all still interact every day?

hugs !!!

Jenn said...

I know the feeling girl. But I'm sure your family misses you too. Big hugs hang in there.