Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm leary of posting EVERYTHING for my wedding for all of the world to see before I actually get married (because that might ruin it, right?) but I will post some photos I am gaining inspiration from :)

I'm currently obsessed with wedding blogs and I've found quite a few that I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with.

I've already begun to collect odds and ends here and there as I go- a lot of my ideas are DIY and I'd much rather gather materials along the way, rather than trying to get everything at the last minute. Plus, it gives me an excuse to shop ;)

There is OH so much to think about. I already picked my bridesmaid dresses and colors! I did meet with the girl who is going to be doing my flowers this week which was a breath of fresh air. I'm going to try on dresses this Saturday and Ben and I are having our engagement photos done this Sunday. It's going to be a busy yet fabulous weekend!

Hope you're all doing wonderful ♥

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Thinking Out Loud said...

I love your ideas! And a belated "Congratulations" to you! What an exciting time in your life!