Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Absence makes the heart grow finder."

I suppose I can relate that to my being absent on this blog so much lately. I have SO much I want and wish to write about, yet cannot find the time to do so.

Work has been crazy lately, and I mean CRAZY! When I come home, the last thing i want to do is sit in front of a computer because my head hurts and eyes are strained from doing so all day.

I'm taking on more and more as we revamp the office this year and make goals that MUST be attained. I find myself stressing a lot by the fact that I need to be marketing our products and asking every single person I come in contact with every day. I feel as though my knowledge is limited, yet I know that simply asking is 9/10's of it. So, I ask a lot of questions and get rejected a lot. Not cool. It's extremely important to be selling in addition to all of the service things that must be done each day. Things are looking grim for State Farm Florida and there could very well be some tough times ahead for the company in our state. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to do all that I can do to help. Not worrying about it now because I can't worry and stress at the same's just too much!

Nothing exciting taking place in my life right now. I'm ready for some major rest and relaxation this weekend (for my brain, not body) and for time with fun people!

It's been ridiculously cold down here! This morning we're in the 20's! And tomorrow it is supposed to be in the teens! For us, that is frigid and not too common. I'll admit though, I kind of like it! It's a nice change. I mean last week it was 70 and humid, ick. No thanks. I'm very much looking forard to springtime though! I love springtime here. It's amazing and beach days will be back! I'm in desperate need of some skin color.

Not much else going on here. Things are good with the fam. We've had some really good family dinners the past two nights. That is always so nice.

Who else is as excited as I am about American Idol?? You know what I'll be doing every Tuesday and Wednesday night :) Without all of the parents who lied to their children and told them they could sing, i would not enjoy that show near as much. ;)

That's all I have to report as of now. More later.

<3 amber


Sarah said...

I like the new pics you added, especially the second one in black and white.Too cute!

Hope you have a very relaxing weekend off!

Mitzy said...

Man, you have been having cold days!!
Today, it is 5 with wind chills of -15, and tommorow.. it will be 2, with wind chills of -35..brrrrr

I have been watching American Idol as well!.. I get hooked on it every season!

Shanny said...

I confess: I'm very excited about American Idol too =)

Hope you are able to relax this weekend!

Lindsey said...

It is so cold here too and I'm ready for summer!
So excited for American Idol!

Andrea said... have a wide range of temps down there!

Here in Milwaukee in winter we have: Cold, Colder, and ohmygoshiwanttodie COLD! hehe.

Enjoy your relaxing weekend :)

Mine All Mine said...

It has been pretty cold here in Texas too the last few days.

I love the new pics on your blog.

Have a great and relaxing weekend!

RunTX said...

Here in Texas it has been brrrrr...cold. mostly 30's
blessings.. cool pictures!

Mine All Mine said...

There is something for you on my blog!

Ophelia said...

Cute new pics! It's always good to see an update from you :)

shrever87 said...

well girl..I've been learning the power of the spoken word and the declarations we make over our lives and the lives of people around us so I just speak supernatural favor over your life that will overflow into state farm..that in the midst of these rumors of it going under that it will rise to be the top money-maker in the nation. That God will RICHLY supply all of your financial needs (Phil. 4:19) and that your favor and blessing would influence that of State Farms..

I love you Ber..and i miss you..PLEASE come with Megs and my brother to will be more than worth your vacation time! :) I m moving out of the dorms into a rather large house (Eleanor and I get the master bedroom..), so there will be lots of room for you and megs...:) love you sweetheart!