Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wedding Photos- Part 2.

As somewhat traditional as our wedding was, we went a non-traditional way for the sake of having the quality of photos that we desired.

Our wedding ceremony started at 7:00 pm so it was nice and dark soon before the ceremony began thus creating an obstacle to take photos afterwards if we were going to do them outside. Our photographer suggested that we do the "first look" where we see each other before the actual ceremony. I wasn't too keen on the idea as I wanted to have that special moment of him seeing me for the first time when I came down the aisle to him. However because I know that photos are the most precious and everlasting thing you have after your wedding, we opted to do the "first look" and get all of our photos done beforehand. AND I'M SO GLAD WE DID.

Our photographer set it up to where Ben's back was toward me as I approached him. He got our expressions of seeing each other for the first time and it was a very emotional, sweet and intimate moment and it didn't take anything away from when I walked down the aisle- they were both very emotional moments that enforced the happiest tears I've ever cried.

Not only were we able to get the photos we wanted but we weren't rushed for time nor were we stressed about our guests having to wait for us at the reception etc. It really took a load off and we were able to thoroughly enjoy every single moment of the day without being stressed about time or anything. It was such a calm and perfect day for me. I genuinely believe that God gave me such a peace and joy that I can't even really describe to you. It was the most perfect day in every way.

Our photographer did an incredible job of capturing our "first look" as well as all of the other photos he snapped. We are beyond pleased with the outcome of our photos and this is only a fraction of what he got but these are my favorites :)

Oh, and I do believe I married the most handsome and stylish man alive ;)


Cary Dale Taylor said...

Your pictures are amazing girl!!!

Malorie said...

These are absolutely amazing!!

Andrea said...

Looking at these photos, I can't help but feel like you two were made for each other! These are beautiful and you were a STUNNING bride. Hope you're enjoying married life :)

DietCokeStraightUp said...

These pictures are awesome! I'm obsessed with first look photos. They're so sweet. I love the picture that's your header. So cool!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The photos look amazing! Your photographer was sooo talented and both of you look SO good!

Elizabeth said...

By FAR, the absolutely best, most unique and original wedding photos I have ever seen in my life! Absolutely incredible, Amber! I still love looking through them, tearing up as if I was there! SO SO happy for you both!! You looked amazing, to say the least - absolutely stunning!

HUGE hugs!!