Monday, April 12, 2010


Not sure if I've mentioned it on here before but my love plays drums, professionally.

Seriously, he's incredibly talented and has had a lot of experience playing with artists such as Rebecca St. James, Ashlee Hewitt (who was second runner up on the tv show, Nashville Star) etc. He's played numerous shows, conventions and he even had the opportunity to play at the super bowl last year! He played at the Amway Arena this past February after the Orlando Magic game. He's good. Really good. I'm proud. Really proud.

He's currently playing with a band called Chris and Conrad. In 2009 they were named the #2 "Artist You Oughta Know" by CCM magazine and their single, "Lead me to the Cross" was #1 on Billboard magazine's top Christian Songs chart. Huge. And my boyfriend is their drummer. Impressive, huh? ;)

As proud as I am, I am not so excited about the fact that he will be leaving me next month for an extended amount of time for an east coast tour. :( I know it will be amazing for him and I'm so excited about all that he will get to experience and do! I just wish I could tag along.

Photo found here.

Check out Chris and Conrad's, "I'm at Home" music video here. Ben is playing in it.

I love my guy/rockstar/sweetheart/best friend in the world who takes tremendous care of me and showers me with the sweetest love

I am blessed beyond belief.

Just wanted to brag a little bit. Hope you didn't mind. ;)

Now, go buy their cd and check their website for tour dates and if they're near you, go and see them. Thanks. :)


Annie said...

how awesome!! i'm sure he is very talented!!
i'm off to listen to their song!

have a great week hun! :)

OceanDreams said...

Oh that is so exciting, I bet you will miss him during the tour but hopefully you get to go to a concert or two! :)

Natalie said...

I've been there before. Dated a few musicians..last one was a band sponsored by Bedhead/Tigi, etc. It's sometimes hard, but you hang out by being proud of their talents.