Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tragedy befalls us all at some point in time, when suddenly we are faced with a life altering misfortune. We’re often left with so many questions that may never be answered. I don’t understand why some things happen the way that they do and nor do I try to. I know that in my human mind, I cannot perceive the idea of why terrible circumstances occur to those we love and know or loved ones of those we know, or even people we don’t even know. Every day someone experiences tragic loss, pain and grief. I am not one to quickly say “It’s all for a reason”. I do not believe that it is Gods desire for us to be in grief and intense pain, nor does he orchestrate calamity. I think we fool ourselves by saying “it was Hs will for this to happen”. I’m not saying that God can’t use those times to minister to your heart and to allow Him to be seen in some way.

I have beheld a lot of tragedy this year, or so it seems. From our dear friend Cheryl being abducted and murdered to the car accident leading to numerous deaths of young girls from the town I used to live in. It hits pretty close to home when it’s someone you know or know of. You begin to put so many things into perspective as thousands of questions and “what ifs?” accumulate in your mind. Why’s begin to circulate. Beliefs are strongly questioned and God seems no where near or even existent, yet you have this intense need to know He is real more than ever in your life.

I’ve been very closely following the news story about Steven Curtis Chapman’s little girl from China, Maria Sue who was accidentally backed into by her big brother’s SUV and she later died of her injuries. Only 5 years old. My heart has been breaking and heavily burdened for this family. I do not know them but I did grow up listening to Steven Curtis Chapman and from what I do know about the family they are a very solid, sincere and loving family who goes above and beyond to love and help others. They’ve adopted three little girls from China (Maria was one of them) and they also have a funding program to assist parents in adopting children called “Shaohannah’s Hope”. You can read more about it on the web through their personal website or adoption website. I can’t imagine what they are experiencing at this time. Please remember to lift them in your prayers, especially the brother who was the accidental cause of this tragic loss. My heart really goes out to him, I can't imagine the guilt and regret he is experiencing.

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