Thursday, January 21, 2010

My petty situations and the bigger picture.

Currently suffering from yet another corneal abrasion aka scratch on my cornea that has got to be one of the worst forms of pain and discomfort I've yet to experience. These abrasions occur all too often, though. I've had 3 since Christmas. Horrible.

I had to take Monday and Tuesday off work. My right eye was enflamed, pulsating, extremely sensitive to light and so sore. Not fun.

I stayed at Ben's with he and his Mom and they took tremendous care of me. So so sweet. I'm so blessed.

Still unable to wear my contact in my right eye and because I'm much too insecure to wear my glasses, I've been walking around only able to see half of the world clearly. Tomorrow I go back to the Doctor for a check up and hopefully by then, I can wear my contact again. Hopefully.

I'm still anticipating getting my own place. I've looked around only to be somewhat disappointed in what I've found. It's going to take some time and will be worth it once we find the perfect place. I'm eager to settle somewhere, finally unpack boxes that have been packed since mid October and have a place to call my own.

I did want to mention some tragic news that I got word of just yesterday. Remember this? Yes, the infamous Mexico trip that inevitably changed my heart and life. You can go back and read all of my documentation from the trip if you'd like. I think there are 3 posts and they are all a bit lengthy as I did not want to leave one detail out due to the amount of work that God had done inside of me. I wanted to be able to go back, re-read and remember. I'm so glad that I recorded all of it. Anyway, I received an email yesterday from the missionary there (Chacko) who has worked and built this unique ministry for years informing us that someone had set fire to their church/compound. They believe it was intentional due to criticism and persecution that they have recently suffered. So sad. In his e-mail, though he was his usual positive self giving God the glory in all things. So inspiring. If only we could all walk in this faith. Here I am finding myself all frustrated about petty little things when really, I have absolutely nothing to be concerned about in comparison to what so many others are experiencing. This example alone strengthened my faith and really put things into perspective.

The last couple of days I have been somewhat introspective as I've watched vast coverage from the quake that devastated Haiti. Millions affected by this horrific nightmare- losing loved ones, homes, any sense of safety and even, sanity. My heart has been heavy and burdened. While I know I am not in a place where I can physically go and lend a hand, hold a child, rebuild walls or feed the hungry like I would so love to do, I can very well do my part here by caring, praying and even sending what little that I can toward the relief efforts. It really is heartbreaking in so many aspects. I can only imagine what those poor people are experiencing at this time. My mind can't fathom the intensity of what they're going through. May God bless them and be with them as well as every team that has gone in to bring relief and help.

My prayer today is for those who are suffering, lonely, hurting, lost, afraid and aimless. My desire is to be used in whatever way that I can be to bring life and show light. My heart is to remain simple-hearted and grateful in all things. I am so blessed. We are so blessed. I never want to take all of the luxuries that I am afforded every single day for granted. Sadly, I do.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That sounds awful! I hope the doctor can help you! Good luck with your apartment search!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oh hunny. I'm so sorry, but am so glad that you are receiving some tender loving care. :(

I knew that you heart would be hurting. It's just terrible to watch.

Jonathan Volk said...

love love love you amber! loved reading this. hope you feel better!

Shanny said...

My heart goes out to all those suffering too, so sad that someone would intentioanlly start a fire there :(

Hope your eye gets better soon!

OceanDreams said...

I agree with your thoughts and prayers, I hope all who are hurting and aching feel love in their Father's arms. I hope your eye feels better too! I am giving you some awards shortly on my blog, have a great day darlin!