Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy fall, busy bee, and a tragic tale!

Happy first day of fall! :)

Oh the joys of this wonderful, glorious season. As most of you already know, I live in Florida. That basically means that I don't really get the autumn sights, smells and weather but I'll take what I can. I can just imagine I still live in West Virginia again as I did when I was 7 and the mountains would change from lush green to gold, bronze and burnt red. If only.

Today is not so hot, thankfully. I'm actually wearing a scarf :) It's basically more for looks than warmth in case you were wondering. Someone came in the office earlier and stated "Wow, you look ready for fall!". Indeed I am.

Wow, this has been a busy morning! Busy is an understatement. I've hardly had time to breathe until now! Monday mornings are always so welcoming with the endless amount of messages, pending notes, unanswered e-mails, files left over from friday and new payments. Ughhh, I'm always overwhelmed come Monday morning. The upside (there is in fact an upside)- the morning goes by rather quickly. I am now ready for lunch which is quickly approaching!

So, I have a story for you- my bloggy buddies. It's quite a tragic tale and true, very true. Though I was not present to witness the events I am about to unfold for you, my mother was and she immediately notified me after the occurance.

Today a fire chief was scheduled to meet with mom regarding "The Red Door". If you do not know what the Red Door is, it is a non-profit youth center/venue that my mom started last January for Pensacola's youth culture and music scene. Since then we have seen hundreds of bands and thousands of kids come through our doors. It's pretty neat.

Well, apparently we have been going over our capacity recently and there have been complaints from nasty neighbors. Therefore a fire chief was sent out to survey our building and determine our capacity. They determined the capacity to be 300!! NOT COOL! We have fit well over 700 in there before and were forced to do so for various reasons. This could very well be detrimental to us because we will lose some of our larger shows, which would mean losing money, which means not being able to pay bills which would ultimately lead to shutting down. Yeah, pray for my mom. Her name is Darla and she needs it.

As if she wasnt already stressed enough when the fire chief came over this morning to discuss all the stipulations and laws- our cat came storming through the door with a baby bird in his mouth as the fire chief came in! Embarrassed and a little frazzled she of course attempted to retrieve Charlie's trophy of which he was quite proud! He of course was impossible to catch (we think he might be in bred and he has some kind of wild cat in him- not even kidding! He is not like a normal housecat). She retired and got back with the fire chief as the cat ran under my sister's bed. By this time my dog is in on it and Molly (dog) takes the bird from Charlie. Somehow Charlie attempts to get it back and well you can imagine the condition of this poor baby bird.

Finally mom assures the fire chief, "I know this is important but my dog and cat have a baby bird under my daughter's bed that is in dire need of my help, I simply can not ignore this". She finally saves the baby bird whose little wing and leg is severely damaged. It tries to fly away and lands in our bushes where mom picks it up and quickly calls our neighbor. Apparently our neighbor across the street volunteers at a refuge place for wild animals, so she bundles this baby bird up and happily takes it along with her. The birds fate has yet to be determined. What a scene!

That is all I have to share. Pray for my mom, the red door and that little bird.

Much Love,


Mitzy said...

Wowzers!!.. What a morning!!

I will definatly keep your mom in prayer, and that whole situation!!

thats a shame about the baby bird!.. I hope it will be ok!

Animals.. they do some of the Craziest things dont they!

Andrea said...

Will definitely keep you in my prayers!

Mondays are always annoyingly busy, hey?!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oh my word!

Shanny said...

Oh my God.

I hope everything turns out OK. I will be keeping your mom, The Red Door, and the poor little bird.

Ophelia said...

Sorry about your Mom :( I'll pray for her!