Friday, September 19, 2008


I saw this girl on Hannity and Colmes the other night and her story was incredibly inspiring. God has spared this young woman's life and she truly is a miracle. I found this video and I couldn't resist posting it. For those of you who are Pro-life or Pro-Choice, simply watch and listen. I found myself in tears as I did.

Now, to those of you who are Pro-Choice or Pro-Life I'd like to get your opinion on this, if you will. I do not wish for my blog to become grounds for debate or anything of the sort. I am simply interested in hearing why you believe and support what you do. I can't imagine anyone hearing this story and seeing this life miraculously spared from such a heinous act and it not triggering something inside of them. However, I know everyone possesses their own beliefs and has their own opinions. I'm not one to shove mine down anyone's throat by any means.

I wish you all a very happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Love, Amber


leah said...


Mitzy said...

I remember reading about this womans story back a few years..
I am probably one of the BIGGEST Pro- Life people you will ever meet!

In my honest opinion, I think EVERY abortion clinic should do a sonogram on that woman, is considering killing her baby, to let her see and hear what is going on in her body.. I belive that woudl change soooo many womans minds!

Elizabeth said...

I agree w/Mitzy.. It doesn't really 'hit home' what you are carrying inside your body until you see the sonogram for the first time - the baby is moving around, blinking or maybe even yawning! And it really just puts the whole pregnancy thing into perspective for you. There is no mistaking you have a human life in you when you see it looking so adorable on the screen! I agree a sonogram alone would help prevent many abortions in this country.

This video you posted is great btw! We saw her at Rod Parsley's church (in ohio) a couple years ago.. Her testimony was just awesome!