Sunday, December 14, 2008

Red Door (RIP)

Oh loves.

An emotional week it has been. The beloved Red Door Venue closed. Our last show was last night and I didn't think I'd be as upset as I was.

It's pretty crazy how much things can change over the course of a year, how many people come in and out of your life and how much you learn.

My mom is one of the most amazing people I know. I could never do all that she has done. She has always poured out her life for others. She has always worked her tail off and has never gotten a penny for it, any of it. She truly is a mom to so many but I am so glad that she is my real mom. I'm so unbelievably blessed. She has spent COUNTLESS hours cleaning, taking out trash, cooking, sweeping up cigarettes, attempting to break up fights, loving on kids, praying with kids, crying with kids, counting money, paying for kids who didn't have money to go to shows, listening and putting up with that awful hardcore music and having people sleep all over our house just because she couldn't bear the thought of bands sleeping in their vans. She really does have the biggest and best heart I know and I really hope I am like her. She's incredible. Running a venue is a very difficult task, you have no idea!

I love you mom.

It's a sad time for all of us. It's always sad to see something that you love come to an end. I can't wait to see what door God opens up next!

I hope you're all having a Merry Christmas. Sorry I have slacked majorly in the blogging arena. There has just been so much going on lately that I really have not had the time to write!

Much love.


Anonymous said...


Lindsey said...

Aww such a sweet post!

Karen said...

Aw Amber, your mom sounds amazing! I'm sure you will "grow up" to be just like her! :)

AmberDenae said...

She is amazing. If I could be half the person she is...

I can't imagine life without her.

I hope I do "grow up" to be like her :)

Thanks ladies!!

Anonymous said...

I love you honey! Your amazing! I'm so glad your mine<3

Danya said...

Ah, Amber - I'm so sorry to hear about this. I do know though that God does have plans for you and your family - sometimes He gives us things for just a short season and then asks us to open our hands and hand it back so He can put something more marvelous within our grasp. If our hands are full, how are we to hold the better things He has in store? I love you girl and I'm praying for you guys!