Friday, May 1, 2009


Friday, glorious Friday. I eagerly anticipate your return each week and when you finally come, I am truly estatic. Thank you for coming again as you always faithfully do. I don't know what I would do without you.

Where to begin? I'm somewhat emotional today as I believe AF is to make her debut at anytime now, I cut my finger quite badly yesterday (thank you cat) and it's really sore today and last night was a bit of a downer for me. I won't elaborate but I just can't seem to figure some people out. Granted, I'm sure most people feel the same way about me. I can't seem to understand how someone can be so vexatious for no apparent reason. I know that I have the tendancy to be overly sensitive and sometimes take things the wrong way but there is a distinct difference between just being plain "mean" and your words being taken out of context.

In any case, I didn't end up doing what I was supposed to do last night because of a minor fiasco and awkward confontation about something I don't even have anything to do with. I'm still quite confused to be honest with you.

Tears ensued and I felt hot faced and embarrassed to be around people, so I quietly made my exit as to not create any sort of scene that was already on the brink of being created. Supposedly things got hot after I left, so I'm really glad I left when I did. I don't do drama.

The sad thing is, I love this person dearly and they happen to be one of my friends. Maybe I'm over analyzing this whole situation too much but I just felt so degraded in their presence that I couldn't force myself to wear a smile and pretend to have fun when my feelings were deeply hurt and my finger was still bleeding.

Maybe I was just too emotional in the moment to gracefully withstand the attitude and gestures.

I just needed to vent.

Hope you all have a most lovely weekend!

P.S. As I mentioned before, my dear, sweet Mother has started a blog. She wishes to remain anonymous but her blog is a bit lonely with only comments from yours truly. So, waltz on over and give her some comment lovin' because she is a great writer and comments always makes us feel better, right? Click here! Thank you lovelies. :)


Lindsey said...

Aww friend, hugs!!

A Moms Perspective said...

Honey, she's mean to you. It's nothing you did! It's what she did to you and everyone else who was there. DON'T over analyze it and blame your self. If you can, be her friend anyway but remember she's a porcupine and you might get pricked again. I love you and leaving the situation was ok but you shouldn't miss out on the fun when you did nothing wrong. Stand your ground they're your friends too.

Heather said...

**HUGS** I agree with Mom above me!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with mom, too.
Also, sometimes we just have to take people for who they are and just let it go and try to distant yourself from them.
I hope you are able to have a great weekend!

Morgan said...

Sorry you had a tad bit of drama chica, hope things get better soon and I hope youhave a lovely weekend too!

Vicki said...

Well, all the good stuff has been said! ;-)
But you know Mom is right. Sometimes you have to stand your ground, but I do understand about being sensitive. It really does make it hard to stay when you feel like you are falling apart.
But know this...
The people who were there DID see what was happening and saw an ugly side of her - she was the one who made a (insert whatever word you want here) of herself.
People like that are mean hearted and usually have bad things happen to them!

Sarah said...

It is hard when someone you consider to be a friend says or does something that hurts you. Keep in mind that this person has something ugly going on inside them and do NOT take it personally! Hugs to you and hang in there!

alyssa said...

i will be back with a comment after i google vexatious :)

alyssa said...

sounds like you took the high road! good job!!

Caitlin said...

I found your blog through my mom's blog.
I am Vicki's daughter.
Just wanted to pop in to say Hi!

I am sorry that you are going through a rough time with a friend. I have had my fair share of those. I totally understand. It is really hard.

But like everyone has said, just remember to stand your ground.
Hang in there! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hurt my finger too!! I burnt it really bad when I was making crawfish gumbo. It still is very painful as I'm sure yours is.

As for the friends - good luck. Try and share your feelings with them when you become less emotional. As an emotional rollercoaster, I know exactly how it feels.

I hope you are able to enjoy your friday night!

I'm visiting your mom now!

Shanny said...

Big big ((hug))

yours truly... said...

AF came to visit, and I became violent and tried kicking her ass...but she is a tough woman. So I just cried...and ate a box of chocolate covered almonds. Damn her.

And about the situation, you can't blame yourself. You took the high road, be proud of that!

DocE said...

What a painful night you had, that's just so unfair, you are such a kind-hearted person (from everything I've read!) and don't deserve anyone being mean. It's hard when people behave in ways that A) aren't justified and B) that we'd never do to them, it's just icky.

I hope you have a better day today, your bloggy-peeps enjoy you. ;)


your moms blog is too cute! BOTH of you are quite gifted writers : )