Thursday, May 7, 2009

Leaving on a jetplane...

Good morning most lovely people!

Well, this time tomorrow I will be boarding a plane to Atlanta, GA and then boarding a plane to Pittsburgh, PA to see one of my dearest and best friends! I am so excited and also a little nervous because I've only flown a total of four times in my life and I am what one would call "a white knuckled flier". I tend to get a little queezy and nervous before I board a plane. I plan to take my ipod and simply listen to some peaceful music to get my mind off of the fact that I am thousands of feet in the air. I also like to to tell myself, "The pilot is looking out for himself too." This thought seems to give me some sort of comfort.

Thankfully, my Dad is also flying with me. This kind of happened last minute but I am very much at ease with this because I have never flown alone and while I know that I am perfectly capable of doing so (as I will be on my way home), my layover in ATL is only 40 min!!! Apparently, this is NOT good. Should there be any sort of delay, I'd be toast because I am not very familiar with the airport and it is HUGE. Whereas my Dad has flown pretty much every weekend these past two years and well let's just say, ATL airport may very well be like a second home to him. He knows the ropes all too well. He had been planning to make a trip up north to visit family and friends and has speaking engagements as well and Pittsburgh happens to be a central location to fly into in accordance to where he and I both are going. So, he made a point to book himself on my same flight! However, he gets to fly first class due to his "Medallion" skymiles. Ughh. Lucky dog. I'm just glad it worked out for him to fly on the same plane as me. Just pray we don't miss our connection!

I will try my absolute best to update as much as possible while I'm away and you know that I will be back with a ridiculous amount of pictures!! Should you not see me post as frequently as I usually do, you'll know why. I'm on VACATION as of tomorrow! Those words are like music to my ears.

I have so much work to catch up on today and lots of packing to do tonight. I'll be busy busy busy but alas, tomorrow, the fun begins!!

Hope you all have a marvelous day!


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P.S.S If you ever get bored and would like to basically read my life story, my Mom did an amazing job of formulating a timeline of our family life (minus some details). Anyway, you can find it here. She is a very gifted writer and I like to think I learned a thing or two from her ;) It's been a crazy and difficult, yet amazing ride. I must warn you, it's a bit lengthy.


Shannon said...

I hope you have a fabulous trip pretty girl!! :) Enjoy your time away from home and cherish every moment with your friend! I'm praying for safe travels for you! :) See you when you get back!!

Sarah said...

You are going to have so much fun!! I wish you the best on your vacation, lots of laughs, love and memories. Enjoy!

Elizabeth B. said...

Atlanta Airport, oh what fun! lol.. Layover central ;) We've been stuck there over night a few times due to bad weather and oh yeah, the "flight attendant" never showed up for one of our flights! We had a newborn w/us, so we demanded a hotel that late @ night! And we got it too! :) Delta gave us an amazing one @ no charge for the inconvenience!(that was nice!) I'm like u when I fly alone, nervous nervous!! But I just know I'm in Gods hands (like U) and yeah, my ipod has comforted me as well! haha.

40 min for your connection is crazy girl!! You better run run run! haha. We tried that once (only ours was 30 min) and we not only missed our flight, but we were in such a hurry to get off the plane that I forgot my fossil watch in my seat!! (yeah, I cried haha)
Anyway.. If you really book it, you'll be fine I think :) I hope you have an awesome time visiting your friends up north!! I'll be praying for ur flight..


Elizabeth said...

Have a fun trip!! Yay for vacations! :)

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Oh I hope you have a great trip! I haven't flown in a really long time. I use to love it but now I feel dizzy when we even drive past the airport. I'm suppose to go to England next year and I'm already getting nervous about the 8 hour flight!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a safe trip!!!!

A Moms Perspective said...

I'll miss you! <3

Jordan said...

I'm a new follower - love your blog! Have a lovely vacation!

Lindsey said...

Have a wonderful trip!!!

Morgan said...

Aww we'll miss you!! Hope you have a wonderful & safe trip! Can't wait for the pics! :)

Oh and I'll definately be checking out your mom's post!

Vicki said...

Have a safe trip! The iPod is a great idea.. that's our plan for when we fly with the kids!
I'm so glad that your Dad is flying with you! YAY for that!
Don't forget to look at those books in the seat ahead of you. They have maps of the airports with gates and you can sort of get an idea about where you are landing and where the next gate is. I tell my kids to notice those magazines... The Skymall?? Anyway, it's a great magazine!
Love ya!
Have a GREAT time!

shrever87 said...

Have fun!! tell Ash-o I said hi and that I love her and miss her!! :) You are amazing and it was so good to see you when Sam and I were there!! I love you Ber!!

Jordan said...

Hey, when you get back, I've left you a little something on my blog!