Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Silas Caiden Stewart

A very dear friend/mentor of mine recently gave birth to her second son, Silas Caiden. He was born perfect and is a beautiful baby boy. However, not too long after he was born there were some abnormalties regarding his brain as the Doctor stated that his soft spot was "too soft". They did tests and found that there was blood and fluid around the brain and immediately took him into surgery. He is progressing but still needs as much prayer as he can get, as well as his dear parents.

Conincidently, while I was up north I was only about 45 min away from the hospital he was in and was able to pay a visit to see them. I am so glad that I did. It was amazing seeing Adam and Tara again and meeting their precious Silas.

Should you wish to follow Adam's blog on this journey that they are on, you can find it here. They are an amazing couple with two beautiful boys and God has indefinitely used them to minister to and touch so many lives. They are youth Pastors at a church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tara was my mentor and cell group leader for quite a few years when I was in my teens and I've always loved her and valued her advice, opinion and friendship. Adam was apart of my Parent's mentoring group at BRSM, the Bible College my Dad used to be the director of. They are such a great couple and wonderful examples of God's love. I admire them so much. Their faith is so inspiring and refreshing.

Please pray for this family, if you will. They need all that they can get. We're all believing God for a miracle as we all know He is more than capable of performing. Silas is already showing signs of improvement as you can read in Adam's blog. Thank you Jesus!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope everything with your friends baby is ok! I'll keep him in my thoughts!

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