Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here I am!

I'm so sorry you've experienced such neglect dear blog and readers.

I'm going to try and concoct a list of valid "excuses" in which I hope you will understand...

-I have been so insanely busy at work that my head hurts from it.

-There is so much changing around me and I haven't had time yet to let it all seep in and gather my thoughts and feeling toward it.

-My laptop contracted a nasty virus that has not allowed me to get on the net for some time. I took it into the Geek Squad only to find that it would cost me around $250.00 to have it cleaned up and running smoothly again...ouch.

-I am not feeling very inspired.

So, there are my reasons. I hope that you will continue reading as I still will be posting! Just maybe not as frequently as lately. I'm feeling a little blogging slump coming on. =/ We all go through those, right?

I'm still reading! ;)

Much love!


Morgan said...

We all go through those blog slumps sometimes! Glad to hear from you, I hope life stops stressing you out!

I just had a virus on my computer and Geek Squad told me the same thing. I know you probably have alot of important things on there that you want saved and Geek Squad can save it all, but if you don't you can restore your factory settings (for FREE!!) and the virus will be gone. I only did this because I only had the computer a few months so there was nothing important on there worth saving!

Andrea said...

Don't fret about the blogging slump. I just got out of mine :)

You may have the same problem I had with my computer a few weeks ago. It sounds like we got the same pop ups. Call around for prices. The Geek Squad charges waaaay too much. We went with a local family owned computer repair shop and only paid $90. I'd suggest searching your area for something similar.

Then you can get out of your blogging slump :)

Shannon said...

oh my how I've missed catching up with you!! How have you been? And I totally understand about the blogging slump! lol..just got out of mine ;) Hope things have been fabulous pretty girl! Have a great end to the week! Yay!

Sarah said...

Totally understandable!

♥ H ♥ said...

I'll take those excuses ;) jk!!

I hope life settles down a little for ya love!! Good to hear from ya!


DocE said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like you are in a fit of good vibes right now! Excellent!!!

Take inspiration where you get it and love every minute! I'm glad things are looking better than yesterday's coffee-debacle. Have a wonderful Thursday

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That sucks your computer got a virus!!! I'm glad you've got it fixed though!

Don't worry...everyone gets behind now and then on here!