Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've been feeling rather inspired lately in the area of decor. I'm loving that I have my own place to decorate and make "mine". It's so much fun!

I recently purchased this lamp from IKEA and hung it in the corner of my living room. I love it. I only paid $1.99 (er, my sweet Ben did actually) for it due to it being returned and having a tiny chip in one of the pieces that was way easy to repair. Love it. Love my living room. Love decorating.

Below are some inspiration photos I found for what I want to do with one of my walls. I got this amazing photo frame at IKEA as a centerpiece...

I've been collecting photo frames and mirrors of all shapes and sizes from thrift stores and believe it or not, I have purchased some really amazing pieces and have spent under 10 dollars for all of them. I'm a huge advocate of thrift stores and love finding one-of-a kind treasures such as this very chair that I purchased at GOODWILL last week. Not even kidding. 20 bucks for this gorgeous antique that I just absolutely adore!

I'm using these pictures as inspiration for my photo frame wall that I will be working on, hopefully this weekend.

image found via google
image found via google

image found via google

image found via google

I just love the diversity and feel that this idea gives. So unique and different, yet it totally works. Love. Can't wait to do my own. I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished product.

My sweet Ben also bought me an antique dining room table as well as two really unique antique chairs that I am just estatic about. I will post pictures soon. They need some TLC and we'll be working on them together as a project. I love that he likes to do these things with me. So precious. He's just too wonderful for words.

This is so fun!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Annie said...

love all the inspiration photos! looking forward to seeing your final project! :) love the lamp you found as well, what a great price!!
that photo frame from ikea is fab, i want one...need one!!

happy wednesday, have a great day pretty girl!

Lindsey said...

So pretty!

Shayla said...

I love your style!!!

I cant wait to have a place of my own to decorate this fall :D

I heard those lamps are tough to get put together, was it easy for you???

OceanDreams said...

Have so much decorating girl! Ikea is too much fun and I love the pictures you posted, the variety of photo frames is such a cute idea. I've been taking interior classes and love them, perhaps you could take one for fun sometime too. :)