Monday, March 29, 2010


A most lovely weekend, it was.

I spent Saturday with Ben's mom. It was so nice to have girl time while Ben and his dad went and rode their dirt bikes. Saturday night we all went out to the beach and ate at a new magnificient seafood restaurant on the beach, The Grand Marlin. The food was divine.

Mama Teresa (Ben's mom) and I at dinner.

After dinner, Ben and I went and walked on the pier. Despite the freezing cold wind whipping my hair in my face (as pictured below), it was quite a lovely stroll. Nevermind Ben's hitler stache. ;)

Sunday was the best. We went on a picnic and it was perfect! I loved it. The weather was lovely. We walked downtown hand in hand for quite some time and just enjoyed each other's company. We ended the day by going to the mall and then snuggling up on the couch together and watching movies. My absolute favorite kind of day with my favorite person.

Here's to Monday. Luckily, this week is only a 4 day week as we have Good Friday off.

Hope you all have a most wonderful day! :)


Lindsey said...

Sounds like perfection!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Glad you had a great one.

Molly said...

perfect! i miss the beach sooo much!
i think ben has been too influenced by garrett. what is up when them and their perv stache!? :)

OceanDreams said...

A picnic and the beach?! Sounds divine and so glad you had a nice time!