Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh how He loves us.

Hectic week? Yes.
Exhausted? Most certainly.
Stressed out? To the max.

Yes, work is taking it's toll on me. I'm getting weary of giving the same spiel regarding the decision State Farm has made concerning Florida Homeowners. Yet, i continue to do so with a smile stretched across my face because it is my job and it's so much easier to do with a pleasant attitude. :)

So, enough about all of that.

Today I was contemplating my walk with the Lord. I reached down for my ipod and out of the thousands of songs I possess, I stumbled across one that I had not heard in a long while and one that always has the ability of moving me. He Loves Us by Kim Walker. It is absolutely amazing and talks about the deep love of God, His affection, His jealousy for us, His zeal and passion for us. I've felt so empty lately and have neglected His love for me by ignoring Him. It breaks my heart.

The thing that amazes me so much is that even though I've become so numb to things and so blindsided, I am still moved. Tears still surface my eyes when I think about the sacrifice that was made for me and a heaviness weighs in my heart when I attempt to comprehend a love so vast and so selfless.

This gives me all the hope in the world.


Ophelia said...

*high five*

Lindsey said...

Well said!!

aMbErDeNaE said...

yea Amber!:) Glad to hear things are looking up!:)
xoxo a

Andrea said...

Amber, I can relate.

When my walk with God is less than stellar, I have my moments where my heart just bursts with hope and tears sting my eyes.

You're still in my prayers friend. God loves you SO much and He can heal all.

casey. :] said...

found your blog today.

you have some really great insight.

His love is defnitely vast and even though we may fall behind some days He is still right there beside us.

and that is comforting.


burningDESIRE said...

One day last year, I stumbled upon that song on youtube, and fell in love with it and with Kim Walker. It gives me chills and makes me feel loved every single time. It is so true!