Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More randomosities.

I just finish filing my 2008 tax returns and the number that jumped on the screen notifying me of my return baffled me! I am uber excited!

What to do with this extra lump of cash? Save? Perhaps buy myself what I have been wanting forEVER...a Macbook? Maybe use it for vacationing this summer? Ahhh, the possibilities are endless! I am still in shock. Yay for tax season!

It's freezing today. I'm growing tired of these constant weather changes. My sinuses are not fond of them either. I'm so unbelievably ready for warmer weather. I've already started some of my summer shopping and scored some really great summer tops for amazing prices! My best friend works at an adorable little boutique in our mall and she gives me her 30% disount...she is the greatest!

I am trying to figure out my vacation time for this year. I'm itching to travel! I'm definitely planning on taking off a couple of days in the very near future as both of my co-workers already have. My boss just told me to "let him know". I assure you, I will!

Mardi Gras was a lot of fun! We were among a crazy crowd, I tell you. My sister and I had to walk nearly two miles from our parking spot to where the Gills played. It was a pilgrimage. I got hit in the face and head quite a few times with Mardi Gras beads, of which I hate. My friend, Danielle started a new thing called "Reverse Mardi Gras" and started throwing the beads back. It was hilarious. The show was great, as was the dancing. It was an extremely late night (or early morning) but we had a great time with awesome people!

I love all of my friends. New and old. They bring much joy into my life.


Lindsey said...

Love the title!

I am sick of weather change, I wish it would just stay warm!!;)

Elizabeth said...

yay I'm glad u're getting some xtra cash from your tax return!! I know what u mean about this weather too! I had no idea that is why I was stuffed up & felt like I had a "one day" head cold yesterday.. I left my windown open all night (oops) and woke up to a freezing bedroom - and, a runny nose! ahh!
Lovely Florida weather :D

burningDESIRE said...

This post was so entertaining for me. I could just picture and relate to everything you were saying...well maybe "picturing" more than "relating" LOL I never got enough money back to help with future vacation plans or participated in Mardi Gras. oh well. Good luck with the travel plans though! Where would you like to go?

Shanny said...

Yay for extra cash, I would definitely use it for a nice vacation. You deserve it. And I'm glad you had such a great time at Mardi grass, your friends sound like they are awesome indeed =)